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Monday, January 19, 1998
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Apartheid Rules in Australia

Australia has long been known as the 'Secret Country' and has been turning the clock backwards to the days of Terra Nullius. In January this year America's Secretary of State Madeline Albright listed Australia as a country offending against human rights and warned her fellow Americans against becoming involved with Australian businesses because of Australia's attitude towards its own Indigenous People.

Prime Minister John Howard has linked the Australian Government with his Multi-Nationals, big Mining and Industrial Businesses, Pastoralists and Grazier benefactors as well as other similar interest groups in order to maintain the relentless attack on the Indigenous People of Australia.

In doing so, the most convenient way for John Howard to destroy the Indigenous People's rights and deliver certainty to his select group of rapacious political mercenaries is to produce apartheid laws and return to the throwback days of Terra Nullius and pre Mabo. At the moment the Australian Labor Party is quite prepared to go along with the amendements because they wont be held responsible for the changes and can be seen politically to have attempted to uphold the rights of the Indigenous People.

The Senate to support and deliver Apartheid Law

The Australian Governments expectation in May 1998 is for the co-operation of the Senate to support and approve the Apartheid solution made up of Paul Keating's rotten Native Title Policy which was thrown out as garbage when he was thrown out of office, and the Liberal Party's Amendments. Such a situation shows how anti Aboriginal and racist the whole legislation is, and any belief that Kim Beazley's Labor Party could be an alternative would be totally misguided because of Beazley's recent treachery towards the Ngarrindjeri Women over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge incident.


Peaceful co-existence can only happen when our rights to exist are recognised and are implemented with Indigenous Sovereignty and Self Determination as the centre piece of any negotiated dialogue that takes place at an International level with International ramifications.

People should be aware that the use of black political stooges in 1993 promoted the interests of the Labor Party and any activities of any group now purporting to promote Aboriginal interests must be scrutinised to ensure that they do not carry the Labor Party political baggage.

The Need to change Australia from a Racist Society to a Just Society

Australia interfered into the most sensitive domestic affairs of South Africa in order to change that country from a racist society to a just society. Australia must now expect the same treatment from the International Communities.

The recent political appointment of the Australian High Court Judge (designate), prominent Queensland barrister Mr Ian Callinan QC to the High Court of Australia in February 1998 replacing retiring Justice Toohey. Mr Ian Callinan who is already reported to be anti Aboriginal is surely an example of such questionable integrity, which must disqualify him from holding any position in the High Court of Australia. Actions should be taken by all fair-minded Australians to have him immediately removed.

No Reconciliation without Justice

The Australian Government cannot be permitted to continue the dispossession or maintain the denial of the inheritance rights of the Indigenous Peoples, including those who were forcefully removed from their territory.

It is not the case that they were forcefully removed and lost their Native Title Rights and continued connection with their country, but that the recognition of forced removal itself reaffirms the Rights of these people to inherit the property of their ancestors. The Australian Government must totally confess to its crime of genocide and face the consequences.

The Year 2000 is the International Year of Indigenous Sovereignty


Now is the time for the Indigenous People of Australia and their supporters to look forward to the year 2000 and Claim the Impossible Accept Nothing Less. Now is the time to start rising up, to take what is yours, to make your choice, to go forward by your own authority and live a more fulfilling life through your own decisions. Since the time when the world was soft we have lived for over a hundred thousand generations, since the invasion we have survived for two hundred and ten years. To go our own way is not to go backwards but to go forward with the realisation of sovereignty and self-determination.


What's in it for you? To share the so-called glory of the past? . . .or to make a stand and confront the atrocities of an unjust system and not allow it to continue. What are YOU going to do about Invasion Day?
* Write a letter of protest, Fax or telephone the Prime Minister of Australia Mr John Howard about this matter.

* Contact your local Member of Parliament and ask them what they are going to do on Invasion Day.

* Ring your local talk back Radio Station and give your point of view of the Issues on the Invasion Day document.

* Ask the management of the TV Station in your area, are they going to present any of the Aboriginal point of view with equal balance.

* Write to your local newspaper about the injustice of celebrating and calling it Australia Day and tell them about the issues on the Invasion Day document.

* Fly the Aboriginal Flag of Resistance at half-mast and explain WHY.

* Photocopy this leaflet and distribute to friends and other interested parties and join in any resistance activities.

For more information:
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