Nov 11/97: Statement by Nyungah Circle of Elders


Nyungah Circle of Elders
c/o PO Guildford Western Australia
T: 61 (0)8 9279-6706, 61 (0)8 9377-3550
F: 61 (0)8 9377-3559

The Last of the Nyungah Elders who are standing to Save and Protect our Ancient Culture and Religion and Sacred Beliefs in the Land and not take money to sell our Sacredness

November 11, 1997

We can't stand by and let the Howard Government destroy our Last bit of Hope of our Rights with this 10 Point Wik Plan to change the Law (Native Title Act) where our Basic Human Rights are concerned.

It is not going to benefit the Aboriginal people.


We will be stripped naked of our Lifestyle and our Religion and our Culture that we stand for as a Nation.

This is a Time of Mourning and we ask all Athletes planning to celebrate and participate in the Olympic Games, NOT TO CELEBRATE AND NOT TO PARTICIPATE.

It is a Day of Mourning for us.

If you participate in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games you will be Reopening up the Massacre Killings by the people against us the Aboriginal people.

Run not, participate not in any sport. Cathy Freeman, we ask you not to run!

Stand and mourn with us.

Stand and Respect us in our Mourning.

The Wik 10 Point Plan is not to give us justice.

It is to finalise the Final Destruction of our Basic Human Rights as a Nation and as the First Inhabitants, the Original Owners of our Country.

The Original Decision in the High Court of Australia in 1992 was made that we the Aboriginal People were here when the White people came and invaded us.

Then they started committing their racial acts calling it their Commitments to their European Living Lifestyle which was Progress then and they still call that Progress today.

The Howard Government has changed its Laws around to defeat the Aboriginal People as a whole. Since the Howard Government got into power from Day One, it attacked the Aboriginal People and it still is attacking them today to please the rich and the powerful and to deprive the poor, the weak of their last bit of Strength of their Basic Human Rights as owners of our own land.

The Howard Government disrespects us a Nation of People, as a Nation of Human Beings, as a Nation of Believers in our Religion and Culture.

Since the coming of the white man to take this country by force from us as a Nation of Aboriginal People, they have set down their rules. By the power of the gun they enforced it. They are still doing it today, then they go out and tell lies to the World that Australia is not a racist Country towards the First People and yet the Record of the Treatment of us since the Coming of the white man stands out in plain facts what they did to us.

If Athletes from all Parts of the World participate in the Olympic Games on our Land in Sydney, they will be doing so in support of the Howard Government and its Wik Plan and it is Racism against us the First Inhabitants, the First People of Australia.


This is the Reason we are asking all Athletes of the World, Black and White would you please consider very carefully your decision in participating in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in Australia.

We ask you not to run in the Olympics over our Dead Ancestors who were massacred out through all the generations from the Beginning of the Invasion 200 years ago until now.

The Howard Government is the Leading Government of Racism. It is causing total destruction of the First People from then up to now and from there up into and through the Hopes of Tomorrow. We ask all readers of this Statement to copy it and spread it worldwide.

We are calling for assistance in ways of Natural Justice to be given to us in our suffering.

WE ASK YOU: our Black and White Sisters and Brothers of the World to come to our Aid and assist us because there is no help for us in Australia in keeping our Basic Human Rights, our Religion, our Culture, our Dignity in the remaining time we've got of our lives fighting for existence.

WE CALL ON: all Indigenous Land Councils, all Medical Services, all Legal Services, all Indigenous Communities throughout the breadth and length of the World and of Australia, all Aboriginal Peoples of the World and Australia, all Media of the World and Australia to participate in assisting us on the grounds and the basis of the Howard Government targetting us the Original Owners as the Public Enemy Number 1, yet we have given them a Home, it is our Land they are using for their European living life style.

WE ALSO CALL ON ALL CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF THE WORLD: To act according to their 10 Commandments saying "Thou shalt not steal" & "Thou shalt not kill" and to follow Jesus Christ's stand to love thy neighbour and respect one another.

WE ALSO CALL ON all Religions of the World be they Indigenous, Animist, Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem, Tao, Confucian or the many other Religions: To assist us in their belief in Justice.

WE CALL ON Pat Dodson: Stay on course and Resign as Chairperson of the reconciliation Council.

WE CALL ON Ray Martin, of TV and Member of the Reconciliation Council: To do the Same.

WE SAY to Richard Court, Premier of Western Australia: It is a Race Issue.

WE ASK Tim Fischer, Leader/National Party and Deputy Prime Minister: Where is the money for Aboriginal People to fight their land Claims in Court?

WE CALL ON Mr Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs: To stop contradicting the Truth in speaking to the World, when Aboriginal People ask the World for assistance.

WE CALL ON the President of Indonesia and the people of Indonesia: To return that money back that John Howard and his Government gave you because they are depriving Aboriginal people of money to fight for their land and their Survival.

WE CALL ON Nick Minchin Special Minister of State for Native Title: To RESIGN. You are irresponsible in your comments. You know not what you are talking about. You don't feel the suffering that we the Aboriginal People feel.

WE CALL ON Lois O'Donaghue ex-ATSIC Chairperson Lois O'Donaghue: You have run your race in the political arena. You did nothing good for us the Aboriginal People of Australia. Please go home back to your homegrounds.

WE CALL ON the President of South Africa Mr Nelson Mandela and our Brothers and Sisters of Africa: To Help us get Justice done. We are asking you as a Nation of People: Help us, not John Howard. It is an international human concern.


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