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Ontario Hansard - Orders of the Day

Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Ontario Hansard
June 6, 2006

Income Tax Amendment Act (Ontario Home Electricity Relief), 2006 / Loi de 2006 modifiant la Loi de l'Impôt sur le Revenu (Aide au Titre des Factures d'Électricité Résidentielle de l'Ontario)

[SISIS note: This was a lengthy debate. The excerpts below are those that specifically relate to the Six Nations land reclamation.]

Mr. Yakabuski: Thank you to the members for Pickering-Ajax-Uxbridge, Kenora-Rainy River, Niagara Centre, I think -- I lost track, but all of those people.

I do want to remind the members opposite that this is going to go to a voice vote tonight. I don't want to alarm you. There is going to be a vote tonight and I want you all to be prepared for the vote. Because you see, yesterday the Liberal caucus had a little problem with the vote. They had a problem with the vote, or they're saying of it --


Mr. Yakabuski: I'm not sure. The only thing we can go by with a vote in this Legislature is the raw results, and yesterday the Liberal caucus voted with the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP to support the opposition day motion that basically condemned the Premier for his handling of the crisis in Caledonia.

Mr. Robert W. Runciman (Leeds-Grenville): Mishandling.

Mr. Yakabuski: Mishandling of the crisis in Caledonia. I hope that whatever happens with this vote tonight, the Premier respects the will of this Legislature, because today, after yesterday's vote, he has clearly indicated that he does not respect the will of this Legislature. In spite of what he promised in 2003 and in spite of what he said in his throne speech about respecting the role of members of provincial Parliament and respecting the will of this Legislature, this Premier has scoffed at it. He called a vote in this Legislature a bit of "mischief." That's what we have sunk to from this government: a vote in this Legislature on a duly tabled motion called a bit of "mischief." Well, I hope that we are still above that in this Legislature, and when we vote on this tonight, let us honour the results and move forward.

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