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Victory to the Six Nations!

Congratulations for Thursday's Historic Success!

The Marxist-Leninist
April 21, 2006; #61

[SISIS note: The following news article is provided for reference only. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

Thursday morning was indeed historic. The Six Nations' peoples and their supporters repelled the armed invasion of their land and drove out the hooligans of the Ontario Provincial Police.

After the violent surprise OPP attack on Six Nations territory, Native leaders quickly mobilized reinforcements to repel the invaders. Hundreds from the Six Nations community and their supporters from far and wide descended on the armed OPP attackers and bravely drove them out. Not only that. Supporters throughout Canada immediately expressed their outrage at the unprovoked attack on the Six Nations and demonstrated in various ways. One of the most visible was the brief closure of the Mercier Bridge in Montreal to mount proudly and with profound dignity six Mohawk Nation warrior flags from the girders high above.

The Internet was full of messages of support and information on how to travel to the Six Nations in southern Ontario without detection. Throughout the day and into the evening numbers have swelled with car pools full of people arriving from throughout Ontario, Quebec and New York State. The Six Nations have organized a veritable town on the protest site with tents, meals and other amenities. Everyone is fully cognisant that the colonial state has not given up its aim to seize Six Nations territory on behalf of the U.S. developer Henco. The OPP brazenly declared they have established a "perimeter" with 1,000 heavily armed troops. But this disgusting attempt to terrorise people and dissuade them from joining the protest has not frightened anyone.

Women leaders of the Six Nations were busy all day speaking to the mass media and succeeded to a remarkable degree in breaking the silence. Hazel Hill, others on site and Kahentinetha Horn of Mohawk Nation News have forcefully and clearly presented the just stand of the Six Nations and within the historical perspective. The strength, clarity and coherence of the clan mothers seemed to catch the mass media by surprise and it was not until the evening that the blackout and disinformation took hold once again.

The armed unprovoked attack of the OPP against unarmed Native peoples has deeply offended all justice-minded Canadians. The just cause of the Native Nations in defending their land and way of life, in particular their alternate political organization, is deeply supported by many Canadians. Now is the time to express that solidarity in concrete ways by standing as one with the Six Nations. If people can travel to their territory in Southern Ontario to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Six Nations, they should do so. If not, they should organize solidarity demonstrations or any other concrete manifestation of their support for the Six Nations, and express their outrage at the Ontario and federal governments for ordering an armed violent attack on the sovereign territory of the Six Nations.

The just battle of the Six Nations to defend their sovereign territory demands the unconditional support of all Canadians.

Victory to the Six Nations!

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