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Points of Agreement Reached Between Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, Canada, and Ontario

April 22, 2006

The Haudenosaunee, also called the Iroquois Confederacy, have a relationship of mutual respect, trust and friendship with the Crown.

Within the context of the relationship, the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario agree:

Issues have been raised in the correspondence between the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Ontario Minister Responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, dated March 27, April 13, 17 and 18, 2006. Each party will appoint a principal representative within two weeks of signing this agreement.

The representatives will develop a detailed work plan and agreement that will provide for the implementation of constructive and effective ways to address and resolve the various outstanding issues.

The parties will seek to ensure that their representatives have sufficient authority to negotiate a draft agreement, subject to ratification by the parties regarding the above issues.

A. MacNaughton
Haudenosaunee/Six Nations

R. Howsam

D. Carr

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