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Notes for Remarks by OPP Inspector Brian Haggith, Haldimand County Detachment Commander, at the Caledonia Community Rally

Attention News Editors:

CALEDONIA, ON, April 25 /CNW/ - Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Inspector Brian Haggith, police commander for your police service. I stand before you tonight, not only as your police commander, but as a fellow citizen of the Caledonia community. The OPP has heard your concerns.

These are extraordinary times. This situation is complex and it requires the kind of understanding and cooperation that we have always shared as neighbours here in Caledonia and the Six Nations and it will require negotiation to achieve a lasting, peaceful resolution. I'm appealing to everyone, all the people of Caledonia and the Six Nations, to be patient while a lasting resolution is sought.

Caledonia has always been a wonderful place to live. It's home to all of us. The communities of Six Nations and Caledonia have lived along side each other for hundreds of years in harmony. When this is over, as it will be, we will continue to live together in harmony.

Each of us can contribute to this harmony by continuing to be patient and remaining calm, knowing that many people are working hard to resolve this land dispute. In the meantime, the OPP continues to ensure that public safety is maintained. My officers are here for the safety of everyone. Anger, fear and violence will not solve anything. These actions are counter productive and only serve to fuel hatred and distrust.

Caledonia and the Six Nations are being observed on the international stage. It's my desire...shouldn't it be our collective desire, to lead by example and show the rest of the world that diverse communities can work toward an understanding that benefits everyone?

The OPP is here for everyone. We can get through this time of uncertainty together, safely and proudly, and achieve a peaceful resolution that will only strengthen the Six Nations' and Caledonia's tradition of community support and cooperation.

For further information: Sgt Dave Rektor, (905) 765-9453

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