Six Nations Solidarity

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Statement from groups in Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver

Non-native supporters stand with the Six Nations

April 25, 2006

As non-native, multiracial groups in Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver, we extend our solidarity to the Six Nations Community in Caledonia, Ontario and condemn the police violence and criminalization of the community who are standing for their rights. The racist colonial legacy of Canada continues to devastate the lands and lives of indigenous peoples and as non-native supporters, we affirm our solidarity with the Six Nations community in calling for immediate end to construction by Henco Industries; a withdrawal of OPP and enforcement forces; and for a just resolution as determined by the clan mothers.

1. Al-Awda (Palestinian Right of Return) Coalition-Vancouver
2. Anti-Capitalist Community Forum
3. Anti Poverty Committee
4. Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society
5. B.C. Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
6. B.C Latin-American Collective
7. Bolivia Solidarity Committee
8. Bus Riders Union
9. Canadian Network for Democratic Nepal
10. Canada Palestine Association
11. Downtown Eastside Residents Association
12. Haiti Solidarity B.C
13. Grassroots Women
14. International Solidarity Movement
15. Iranian Federation of Refugees
16. Justicia for Migrant Workers
17. Mostly Water Newswire
18. No One is Illegal-Vancouver
19. Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance
20. Filipino Nurses Support Group
21. Palestine Community Centre
22. Palestine Solidarity Group
23. Palestinian Arab Women's Association
24. Philippine Women Centre
25. Seven Oaks Magazine
26. SIKLAB (Overseas Filipino  Workers)
28. South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy
29. South Asian Women's Alliance
30. Vancouver Status of Women
31. Voice of Palestine-Vancouver

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