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Update from Hazel Hill, camp spokesperson

From: TheBasketCase <>
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 7:11 AM

Friday morning, and I just wanted to touch base with everyone. things are quiet around the camp. we are currently in the process of re-organizing, re-structuring, etc. so that we're not all over the place. the women are in the process of getting the information organized and hopefully (?) we will have a daily report coming out from the site. At least that is my personal goal, perhaps early evening, maybe even once in the morning and once at night.

the Caledonia residents are getting a bit frustrated, not only with us, but there is alot of anger toward police for not getting us out of there, and now they want to block our roads on the rez, stop accepting status cards etc. it really is alot of garbage and i understand their frustration, but it was clearly stated by my daughter who wrote in to one of their blogs, "the racism is not new, it has just been hidden better until this incident" something along those lines anyway. and i agree with her. as do many. not all of them feel that way, but it is not uncommon in any of the cities towns and townships along the grand river, and it shouldn't even surprise us, they were taught their history and believe us to be just like them......but it is their spirit that is stirring and questioning their truth, and that is where the anger comes from. it is easier to be angry and racist than to admit that they might be wrong and there might be truth to what we are saying. so, have compassion in your hearts for those people, don't react to their anger and if you're going to the site tonight, lets stay by the front gate, we'll have a sing, and let's ignore their behavior. The media is just waiting for us to react and give them a show, we need to stay proud and allow those people to have their own say, in their own way, without even acknowledgeing it. As far as them stopping us from shopping in "their" town, quite frankly, if they don't want our business, caledonia may soon turn out to be a ghost town without it.

will touch base soon.


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