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Report from Six Nations solidarity rally in Ottawa

Friday, April 28, 2006

About 40-50 people rallied here at noon, gathering outside the PM's office then marching a few blocks to Minister Prentice's office. Printed materials were distributed to the throngs enjoying the afternoon sun in downtown Ottawa, and open mic time was offered for anyone who wanted to address the issue.

Pictures from Ottawa Indymedia; videos and more pictures are available at


Call to action

Ottawa: Six Nations solidarity rally

Stand in solidarity with Six Nations!
Demand an end to violations of First Nations sovereignty!

12:00 Noon
Friday, April 28th, 2006
War Memorial (Elgin @ Wellington, next to the PM's Office)
Ottawa, Ontario

For almost 60 days, the people of the Six Nations Haudensaunee Confederacy have taken a stand against the theft of their land by property developers and the Canadian government.

While negotiations with the government may be underway, the threat of state violence against the Six Nations remains. The OPP and the Canadian military continue to lurk just beyond the barricades in Caledonia, Ontario. A nearby prison has been emptied, and a hospital ward prepared for casulties.

Your strength and support is needed to end the encroachment of Six Nations land and remove the constant threat of violence that hovers over the Six Nations people, their friends, and allies.

Join us on Friday, April 28th, in demanding the Canadian state get its HANDS OFF SIX NATIONS LAND!


For more information on the situation in Caledonia, see

For more info about Friday's rally, call 613 316 0341

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