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Report from Saskatoon solidarity march and rally

From: darlene okemaysim
Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 2:39 PM

Hi everyone, here are some pics that I wanted for you to have from Friday's Saskatoon, Sk. Solidarity March & Rally for the Six Nations & to voice opposition of Maurice Vellacott as possible Chair for our native affairs. We did a good press release and that is what we want for attention on this side of the country.

We were interviewed by radio, newspapers, and television.  On Monday, May 1, 2006 two of the organizers Colleen Thomas and Peter Garden will be doing a 1 hr show with Mr. Curtain on NewsTalkRadio 650 CKOM am radio of Rawlco Radio (Colleen 306-981-2348 & Peter 280-4113).  We are sure there will be Vellacott supporters who will phone in to rattle the moment a bit so we appreciate if people can call in to that show to help with their message.

We ended up with alot of police escort on bikes, motorcycles, minivans, and police cars.  Our route brought us by hundreds of vehicles during friday rush hour.  It was quite peaceful and we were happy with the turn-out despite only 5 days rush on planning, pretty good I say!

Mr. Vellacott was not at his office to receive the printed online petition with 1455 Canadian signatures as of April 28th 10:00 a.m (which I am couriering to the PM today along with 50 signed postcards from the Rally) but he did leave a letter to us (how cowardly) which was read to a 'boo-ing' crowed.  We had some heated speakers who felt we were not in the right to end up at the office but isnt that what we want for people to think? for dialogue?  for understanding? In return, we left a copy of our petition and the notes from the Debates of the Senate which was sent by Senator Lilian Eva Dyck.

Thank you to those speakers who we wanted to show respect & honor to the people from the Six territory who reside with us in Saskatchewan: Tamara Starblanket, Curtis Ahenakew, Colleen Thomas, Peter Garden, Ethel Ahenakew, Denis Hall, the youth, Trish Monture, Martin Cannon, Darlene Okemaysim, Maggie King, Teah from Shell Lake, Justin Monture, and others.

in Peace...a Sister,
Darlene Rose Okemaysim, Cree nation



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