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"Over and over, I'll be a fool for you"

KKK marches into Caledonia to solve "Indian problem" at Six Nations

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

MNN. May 2, 2006. Things are on schedule! The flyers in the hands of Caledonia residents, Ontario Provincial Police and a few Six Nations people reads:

Citizens of Caledonia -

Meeting tonight - 7:00 Sharp! (no location, no date)

Agenda: Discussion of the "Indian Problem". "What is the final solution?"

Full dress meeting. Wear your sheets. (This is no joke. This is what the flyer actually says. This ain't the movies, folks. This is real life).

Special Speaker - all the way from Burning Cross Mississippi, Bobby Lee Raspmas, Veteran of the 50's, 60's, 70's.

Hear about the "Final Solution". (How come Canada is letting him in and they won't let Indians cross the border to support us?)

Three-fourths of the flyer has a picture of a KKK meeting with sheets on.

We were waiting for this one! This flyer was given out for last Friday's rally and march onto the barricades at the site of the illegal housing project that the Six Nations People are trying to stop. It's being given out again for the Friday, May 5th rally at 7:00 right at the barricades this time.

The press has been asking Caledonians where the flyer came from and nobody seems to know. Janie Jamieson said, "If the non-native rioters come here and it gets out of hand, the OPP will declare they can't handle it. Then the army will be brought in". Based on past experience we suspect that even putting this flyer out is supposed to create a panic. We've seen it all before. The same thing happened in the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990.

We have given no reason for the army or the RCMP to come in. If these rioters create chaos, the Caledonians will be screaming for the big guns to come in. In 1990 the people of Chateauguay were incited to riot night after night at the boundary of Kahnawake. It was exactly exactly the same kind of threats, screaming, insults, trying to rush the barricades and yelling for the army to come in. It split the community up and gave it a "red neck" label that still taints its reputation 16 years later. What can be done? How do the people of Caledonia feel about being identified with the Ku Klux Klan? Hey, neighbors, can't you see it? You are being set up to get a bad name.

David Peterson, the Ontario negotiator, has probably been given orders to demand that the barricades be taken down before talks can begin. They want to create a situation so they don't have to negotiate. "Remove your barricades and then we will talk", it says on the colonial script. Every time we object to oppression, this is the same procedure that has been followed. Peterson is probably going to try to make it look like the Indigenous people are being stubborn, belligerent and non-compromising. That's what Bernard Roy and Alex Patterson did in Kanehsatake in 1990. They were getting angry because we kept on wanting to talk about the land issue. Throughout we were peaceful and non-violent. They got impatient and suddenly cut off negotiations. Then the army closed the perimeter around us and kept us there under siege for almost another month.

The term "final solution to the Indian problem" was coined first by Indian Affairs superintendent, Duncan Campbell Scott, to describe his genocidal policies in the 1920's. It's not surprising to find the KKK has taken up the banner of his cause. So they're not the first in line. Remember Hitler? He found Canadian and U.S. Indian policies very inspiring. Unfortunately, World War II was not enough to end such disgusting initiatives.

Has Canada no sense of pride? Aren't they ashamed to be doing this again? This tired out old tactic is digging a hole for Canada's reputation. Rather than settling with the Indigenous people, Canada would prefer to use scare tactics to get a little bit instead of settling the big issues.

Take a stand against the KKK. Take a stand against police and military solutions to legal problems. Ask your Member of Parliament how it is that the KKK is able to import speakers to incite racist violence. This flyer was put out a week ago and nothing's been done since then. We still need people to stand with us. Any help is appreciated. Keep writing the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Queen and everybody in the world. Tell them what's happening to us.

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