Six Nations Solidarity

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Report from Six Nations solidarity action

May 6, 2006
Courtenay, BC - Occupied Coast Salish Territory

On Saturday May 6th, 2006, an independently organized group of about 35 people gathered outside of the Courtenay library and walked through the streets of downtown, causing minor traffic disruption. Indigenous people from the region took the lead, carrying the warrior unity flag. Some folks banged cowbells, others handed out leaflets or held signs reading "Dismantle Canada", "We Remember Dudley George" and a large banner saying "Six Nations You Do Not Stand Alone." The people made their way down the main street to a bridge where masked rebels from the march hung an upside down Canadian flag with the message "Solidarity With the Six Nations Warriors" written across it. The entire group then engaged in a discussion that focused on the realities of local indigenous people and the strength of solidarity in resistance.

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