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Update from Hazel Hill, camp spokesperson

From: TheBasketCase <>
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 7:57 AM

update from the site. well, there was alot of hoopla over nothing last night as far as the Caledonia Rally was concerned. no sheets, alot of noise and some rumblings about busting through the police lines but all was quiet and over probably by 11pm. our people were well represented and majority stayed back near the main gate as was suggested by security to show that we are maintaing the peace, respecting their right to rally, and there was drumming, laughter and basically time to socialize.

this weekend there are a few clan meetings happening, grand council this morning, and tomorrow there is a gathering of the people called for 1 pm at chiefswood park. the idea is to come as people only, remove titles and any other labels at the gate, and come together as a people. it is a good attempt at removing the barriers of division that have existed for a long time at six nations. the people are determined to unite in peace, and i am very proud of everyone who has taken an active roll in seeing that this happens.

we should have more of an idea as to who will be sitting at the table when the talks start. we know the province of ontario has appointed Jane Stewart, and Canada has appointed Barbara Mcdougall. our people are still discussing who is going to be the voice of the people. it should all be worked out by tuesday morning when talks are to resume.

i am on my way out right now for some supplies, will be on site this afternoon and can give a further update then. take care all and keep up the good work! we are one and we will continue as one.


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