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Update from Hazel Hill, camp spokesperson

From: TheBasketCase <>
Monday, May 08, 2006 7:52 AM EST

> Now meetings that strip people of their titles? Why
> is it that you continue to keep mentioning the titles?
> Why are you guys flying a flag at the site?

cori, i'm going to use your question as the update this morning, because i have a feeling that you might not be the only one who misunderstood the idea of "leaving titles at the door" you're taking it wrong, no one is stripping anyone of titles. the purpose of the meeting was to put aside differences such as Chief Band Councillor, Hereditary Chief, Warrior, Anti, Church, Longhouse, Christian, etc ...........Onkwehonweh people have been divided because of beliefs, politics, religion, personality conflicts etc. you name it, we've done it. the meeting yesterday was an attempt at putting all of that aside. like the way it was when the Creator put us on this earth. no barriers, no divisions, Onkwehonweh People. the way it is suppose to be. it was a good attempt.

as far as the flags flying. we have many flags flying. we have the unity flag which has been the object of abuse since it was first brought here. many people used it as an excuse not to get along. there were many discussions regarding it around the fire, and the people at the fire all agreed, this isn't about a flag. this is about our people and standing up for what we are suppose to. those men that bring their flags with them, bring a strong belief and understanding that the situation we are in is about sovereignty. about standing up against an outside world who has raped us, murdered us, stolen from us, and long long talks, discrepencies, disagreements, resulted in the same, those men are here to protect and were here long before even some of our own came out. we are one. we cannot and will not let the propoganda of the government, media, and shit disturbers take what started as a Unity Symbol and became "militant" because the government did not want our people unified and made sure it used yet another thing to divide us, control our fire here. the people stood together and so did the clanmothers and others who understood the message. there are other flags flying here as well. we have different union flags: Ironworkers Local 1005, CAW, CUPE, we have an OCAP flag, we have a Quaker Flag, we have flag from Denmark with writing on it in their language, the message of which reads "they can bind us hand and mouth, but spirit cannot be bound". It was the flag flown after Germany invaded Denmark. It was one of the most inspiriational gifts we have received here.

the message is clear throughout the world, we are uniting in PEACE, the Onkwehonweh Nations of the World, just as we said the day we sent out the message to re-kindle the fire. If we can do that, surely we can unite with each other, the Six Nations, spread in many different territories the way the colonial government intended. divided by borders and beauracratic bull shit, convinced that we are not of the same but unique and separate, treaties were even made to divide us after they succesfully disrupted our government during the revolutionary wars, convincing the Oneidas to go with the US, Joseph Brant and his followers with the British; the war was not about needed our help, the war was an attempt to destroy the strongest and most powerful entitiy on the earth, the original united nations, the original league of nations, the Five Nations to whom He gave the responsibility of upholding that Great Law of Peace. Colonial government seen the opportunity to disrupt that, and that gave them their foothold to the land base we used to call turtle island, and succesfully separated us into "reserves" that we now call home, including the Haldimand Tract, part of which is the focal point of this land reclaimation we are currently in. It was the Crowns attempt at getting a foothold into this part of the world. it was "london's bridge" that joined upper canada and lower canada. it was the final attempt and success at usurping our authority over the lands and it was a good attempt and succesful because our people had already begun to forget about that Peace. Otherwise we would not have been swayed into a war that wasn't ours. Well i have a message for Her Majesty now, .......London's Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down Falling Down....My Fair Lady."

As far as the rally yesterday. Dick and I went to the park and there was quite a crowd there. there were different speakers, local people (Arnie General, Jesse Ireland, some youth, as well as visitors (Orville Lookinghorse). The message was clear and simple throughout. we are one, we have to stand together. Arnie even mentioned that sometimes you have to show disrespect to that government, it is the only way to get their attention and we have been respectful for over 200 years. he commended the people at the barricades and encouraged others to join them. we left a bit early cause we had to go and check on another situation that had come up Friday through the night.

Friday nite at the bridge on #6 Bypass which crosses over Hwy #54 right next to the river, some "Caledonia (?) men (I say it with a question cause it could quite possibly be anyone who is trying to incite a war) anyway, 15 of them came up to the barricade on the bypass (interestingly enough how 15 men managed to get past the OPP who are suppose to be protecting their citizens and not allowing such shananagans) they started to dismantle the barricade. you have to know that this barricade is not one that is manned but simply there to prevent the same idiots from driving up close to our barricade on the 7th line. naturally our men from the 7th line bridge immediately responded. it could have been a serious confrontation, but when opp finally stepped in to do their job, our men had stood their ground and kept their cool which if any of them are reading, DAMN GOOD JOB!, and i'm proud of you. It could have so easily set off the exact situation the OPP are looking for to give them an excuse to come in. that's why i say "co-incidence?????"

immeditely afterward, our barricade over that hwy was re-inforced. i wish i had been there to see it, but from Janies description, the moon was shining, the sky was full of stars that reflected off of the river below, a front end loader came in with HUGE railway like ties but twice the size as normal and dropped them right across the highway. she said she could just feel the bridge shake when they put them down. today, when we stopped, it is definintely re-inforced, it is now manned well, and the OPP sit on the opposite side to watch for the next idiot who wants to fix the "indian problem" on his own. We asked the OPP to move back out of site of the men, but their superiors said it was a safety issue for the town because of those individuals and they would not pull back. so hopefully, because they are so close now, they surely should see 15 men before they get up to the

back to the site.............after the rally broke up at the park they headed to the site on 6th line and #6 hwy. dick talked to a young man who was about the 3rd car from the front of the line and he said when he looked back as they got to #6 hwy, all you could see was a long stream of cars following, there was no end to it. the Six Nations Police had been asked to block the traffic from side roads so that there would be no interruption. of course we missed it cause we were still dealing with the other situation, but it must have been beautiful!!.

And finally, last night i got a call from Doreen Silversmith, the lady who delivered our message to the UN. she got back late Saturday night is exhausted, but overwhelmed from the experience. she presented our statement to the Chair of the United Nations with the message "from our Nation to your Nations". She was able to read the message and lobby the different nations all week. she said at least four of the representatives there, including a lady from India, slammed Canada for their treatment of our people. She believes there will be a strong statement coming out today, monday, from their gathering last week, and that Canada is really being "slammed" by the other countries. one man even told Canada they spend more money on "spraying pesticides to rid of these bugs that have caused damage" and "spend millions of dollars on military" than they do on the "native people". I believe our message was received loud and clear and for those of you who know how and where to look for the UN Report, can you share it with us when it comes out. Doreen will be coming to the site this Thursday or Friday. I've asked her to let me know ahead of time so that i can let everyone else know, and that we can have a gathering, welcome back and thank you social or dinner or something, to her and her friend who helped her during the time away.

All in all, it was a good weekend. and from the people in government who are trying to say we've expanded our blockade, in case there is anyone with that misunderstanding, we did not expand our blockade, we re-enforced
an existing one, but we've also had to spread our men out to ensure the safety of all, including the idiots who grow muscles after having a few like those 15 men, which i am told 5 of them were arrested. don't know for sure.

well, have a good day! will try again today on site to see if e-mail is working. the world map has been started, and hopefully we'll get a picture to send out soon. it does look pretty awsome with all the pins. oh, and if i forgot to mention anyones flag that is flying, forgive me, i know there are many many different supporters, some of whom we have a flag for, and some i might have forgot to mention, but all across the world, flags are flying in UNITY and PEACE and SOLIDARITY for what we are doing here, and i am honoured an overwhelmed at all. Nya Weh!


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