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Update from Hazel Hill, camp spokesperson

From: TheBasketCase <>
Saturday, May 13, 2006 9:05 PM

Sago from Grand River

I have to apologize for not writing in the last few days. It has been a very busy week for us at the land reclaimation site. many meetings, many things to discuss.

first i have to let everyone know that we are still here, and are not going anywhere. there have been many media releases that have suggested that the barricades are coming down and lending the outside world the belief that we are somehow going away. not so. there has been discussions with respect to the barricades and the discussions that are taking place are very long and deep with respect to our position, and with respect to many areas that have to be considered. the first thing that we need everyone to know and understand is that we have no intention on leaving the lands in question. we have no intention of abandoning our positon, or walking away. we understand how deeply the situation at Grand River deeply affects all of our brothers and sisters in all Onkwhonweh Territories and will do nothing that will threaten the position of all. we appreciate and know that all of the Onkwehonweh Nations that are standing in solidarity and support with us, have as much at stake as we do, and we want to assure you that we keep you in our prayers and thoughts as we counsel over the situation we are in.

we have stated to Canada and the rest of the world who is watching that should any harm come to our people and if Canada chooses to use war like measures to continually get what they want, than we as Onkwehonweh People, have no alternative but to meet them with that same mentality. they understand fully that our brothers and sisters are on watch and will come to our assistance if necessary. it is with Peace that we stand in solidarity, and it is with peace we will continue to participate in talks. we hope that canada, and the crowns representatives will do the same. i will not go into detail at this point the areas we are discussing as it would not serve the purpose of the highest good for all, if i were to do that. just know that whatever and whenever we decide to make any kind of statement, or position, we will inform our people first, and we will also inform the world of the conditions that go along with those conditions.

in any case, the conditions that we would expect will be clearly defined so that the whole world will know and understand if canada/crown violates those conditions. for example, if we choose to open a road or partially open a road, should anyone; police, army, citizens or anything interefere with the Peace we are trying to maintain, those roads would be immediately closed again, as would other territories and nations across the world do so in our support. this is the only way that canada will understand that they cannot continue with their white paper policies with respect to the onkwehonweh. they cannot continue with their genocidal plans. they have manipulated and used the media to try and show that it is we who are violent. it is unfortunate that they have chosen this route. now we must use their same tactics of media to ensure that everything they agree to, be it on paper or other, they will be made to fulfill their agreements and be held accountable to all. it is no longer acceptable that they enter into agreements and treaties as their ancestors did all the while planning how to get out of them and how to avoid being honest and forthright in their dealings with the True People of the Land.

today was a good day. we had visitors from the Sa'mi nation of people. they arrived at the camp on Thursday nite, and have been working on a documentary to share with their people when they return home to Finland. We received a few more flags from other friends and allies. we have recieved a flag from Scotland, and I think i already told you about the one from Denmark. We've had contacts from a young native man who works for a paper in Dublin Ireland, and he is doing his best at getting our story out there. it has been very exciting and an honour to know each and every one of you has been supporting, and sending this message further and further. this is why i say that when we do counsel over any decision, it is not without first thinking of everyone concerned. it is not without understanding that this situation we are in effects all of the Onkwehonweh of the World and i would like to personally say a big Nya Weh Kowah! for that. Nya Weh for Standing with us under that Great Tree and sending out that message of Peace to the four directions of the world. Good Job everybody!!! The map pins are growing and yes, i will try to remember to get that picture out there.

I also have to apologize to all for not getting a copy of the United Nations statement that was delivered on our behalf by Doreen Silversmith last week. if you haven't seen it or received a copy of it, please e-mail me and i will forward it out. I apologize, i know i have been busy but i did not mean to overlook. Doreen was back at the site today and in fact is staying at the fire tonight with others, helping keep watch on the fire and just being there to support everyone. she did a good job, and we are proud of her. tomorrow, we are meeting and will present her and her friend who accompanied her with a gift for her effort.

the people are tired but the overall spirit of everyone is good. the government has played their hand the way we all have expected them to, and we understand that we need to look at that and determine if we are going to "play that game", or make our own rules and make a path that allows for change & growth, and ultimately, that peaceful resolution that they claim to want. We all know that a peaceful resolution is not written in their little black war book that they follow to a "t" unless it is written underneath, "get them to fight amongst themselves, destroy the unity that they have built and divide and conquer as has been successful in the past". then ultimately they can say that we are the ones who broke off talks, or we are the ones who could not agree with each other etc., etc., etc. We will not allow this to happen. those who's intent is to fan the flames of disunity will be forced to face the people and answer to their actions.

I hope our manitoba brothers and sister's got home safely, Jo, can you e-mail me and let me know what happened. i heard that your people were surrounded by OPP but I heard nothing of why or what was said. these are the actions that we need to make sure the rest of the world knows about. people who are intending to come and support are being turned away at the borders. people who have been here in support are being followed and monitored by the opp. our actions are not of criminals and canada needs to be reminded of exactly who the criminals are in this situation. whose land was stolen and sold several times over, and who is responsible.

i think we also need to put pressure on the Governor General to do her job and participate in the talks. she is her majesty's representative, and we have heard nothing from her or her department on this situation. it is all well and good that she has travelled to many other countries in support of the violations against other nations, but she would do herself and canada good if she would look in their own backyard and see that canada and the crown whom she represents is guilty of the same violations against our people here. time to clean up your own back yard lady! we need all to insist that she present herself here and explain the actions of the crown! If Jane Stewart and Barbara McDougal have been delegated to speak on behalf of the crown, than i would like to see that in writing from Buckingham Palace. we have received no notice yet.

Petersons' agenda is still the same. bring down the barricades and we'll talk. they will not talk while the barricades are up. never mind the fact that they expect our people to talk while guns are pointing at us, be it literally or not, the intention is the same. it is this history that they continue to defend.

I just want everyone to know that our spirits are strong because we know we are not alone. we extend that hand in solidarity with all of you who are standing with us in spirit, and thank our Creator for each and every one of you. we give thanks for the guidance that you are sharing, the knowledge and support that you are giving, and we continue to share these things with everyone here, as well as our delegates at the table. we need to keep that going. i will try to make sure i update more often, and if i cannot, perhaps we will delegate others within the site to do so. we are getting more organized everyday, and in doing so, have learned from our mistakes as well as from our accomplishments.

i will close tonight with thanks to all of you. we do not take lightly our task at hand, and please know, as i have said, that it is with continued solidarity that truth and justice for Creation will prevail. will talk again soon.


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