Six Nations Solidarity

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March on The Governor General’s May 13th!

When: 12 Noon, Saturday May 13th
Meet at RiverRain Parc
New Edinburgh
(Near St. Patrick’s Bridge and the Vanier Parkway)

=====> Restore Land Rights Across Canada!

In solidarity with the people of Six Nations and in struggle with all First Nations across Turtle Island, the people of Ottawa are going to the Queen’s representative to demand an immediate solution to land rights disputes everywhere.

Treaties made between the Six Nations and the British Crown are being trampled by governments that didn’t exist. Neither the Federal nor Provincial governments have jurisdiction on Six Nations land near Caledonia.

Because thousands of heavily armed police have surrounded an unarmed camp of people for nearly a month, we march.

Because the canadian government is continually responsible for human rights abuses of indigenous communities, we march.

Because racist rallies are happening in the countryside, we march.

Stop the Attack on all First Nations. Recognize Land Rights Across Canada!

Bring lots of signs, microphones, make up some chants, hand out pamphlets, editorial cartoons, Red and black clothes, red armbands and bandanas, drums, rattles, flags of all kinds, make some speeches, read your support letters, petitions, collect some food and provisions to send to the site at Six Nations.

Contact 520-2757 for more info

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