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Caledonia Citizens' Alliance connects directly to Peterson and Ramsay

[SISIS note: The following press release is provided for reference only. Inclusion of this statement on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

TORONTO, May 15 /CNW/ - Caledonia Citizens' Alliance members Don Bowman, Jason Clark and Ralph Luimes met with David Peterson on Friday to discuss the ongoing negotiations concerning the road blockade in Caledonia. This meeting has resulted in the newly formed Caledonia Citizens' Alliance continuing to forge ahead in advancing its goal to ensure one strong citizens voice for the residents of Caledonia.

At the Alliance meeting on Monday Jason Clark noted that, "David Peterson assured the Alliance that the land in question would not be given directly to the natives in his negotiations." Mr. Clark also reported that a representative from the Alliance would be given a seat at the working group table headed by Jane Stewart and Barbara McDougall dealing with the long-term land claim issue. Mr. Peterson also indicated to Clark that the Citizens' Alliance will be given appropriate updates regarding ongoing talks.

Following the meeting the Provincial Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs, the Honorable David Ramsay contacted Mr. Clark expressing his appreciation regarding the formation of the Caledonia Citizens' Alliance and indicating his approval of the groups calm approach to a difficult situation.

Alliance chair, Don Bowman stated he "would like to assure all citizens of Caledonia that the Alliance is working to protect and promote the long term integrity of the community of Caledonia." To this end, Mr. Bowman also confirmed the establishment of an Economic Development and Recovery sub-committee to address economic issues arising from the standoff. The sub-committee chaired by Darren Rezansoff will work closely with Haldimand County and Provincial Representatives to formulate a promotional and economic recovery plan.

A website, will be fully functional by Wednesday. At that time a phone line will be set up to facilitate the communication of information for the citizens of Caledonia and allow for feedback to be obtained.

Mr. Bowman declared, "The Alliance appreciates the opportunity to meet with Provincial representatives, however we continue to stress our need to meet with the local Member of Parliament, the Honorable Diane Finley in helping to find a solution to the Douglas Estate protest and road blockage."

For further information: Sandy Clark, (905) 765-4408

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