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Blockade removed in Caledonia

Broadcast News
National Post
Published: Monday, May 22, 2006

[SISIS note: The following mainstream news article is provided for reference only, as an example of how mainstream media treats indigenous resistance to genocide. Mainstream media often presents biased and distorted information, lacking pertinent facts and/or context. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

CALEDONIA, Ontario -- Aboriginal protesters have removed a blockade across the main road through Caledonia, Ontario, but there's still a snag stopping traffic.

Even though the physical barriers came down, a spokeswoman with the Ontario Provincial Police said traffic cannot pass because the road has to be inspected by the county roads department.

As well, non-native protesters who set up a counter-blockade are not letting people through.

Witnesses on the scene are describing the situation as very tense.

The Six Nations protesters say they removed the month-long blockage as a gesture of goodwill.

The province halted construction at a housing development that the protesters say is on their land.

The protesters occupied the construction site for months and blockaded Caledonia's main road after police tried - but failed - to forcefully end their occupation.

The blockade has led to angry confrontations between the protesters and residents of the town, near Hamilton.

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