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Setback at Caledonia

May 22, 2006 - For Immediate Release

Great progress in the land claim dispute and protest at Caledonia suffered a big setback because of an ugly protest by Caledonia residents.

The progress was that barricades on Argyle Street were taken down by Six Nations people after a press conference by their leadership.

However a counter protest by some Caledonia residents has tarnished the atmosphere of good will that was created.

These actions defy all common sense. The town wants the roads open. Why would some citizens provoke more confrontation?

The Six Nations is involved in a land rights issue with the Crown and not a personal attack on the residents of Caledonia.

We've been asking the Provincial and Federal representatives at the negotiation table to speak to the Residents of Caledonia. We know they are our neighbours and must be involved.

We call upon the Federal Government to seriously work with us to resolve our land rights issues immediately.
We have expressed a concern for the safety of all people as we try to disengage at the roadblocks. We want a Government Representative to engage in a public information campaign with the Caledonia residents to explain the complex and legitimate issues. We've had no progress on this request. Worse, the Caledonia Residents reacted without proper facts and with the frustration we had foreseen.

We remain concerned for the safety of all people. We urge calmness. We urge action by Governments.

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