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Six Nations elected council comments on Douglas Creek proceedings and inadequate safety of May 22, 2006 melee

[SISIS note: The following press release is provided for reference only. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

For immediate release: May 25, 2006

Six Nations Council continues to meet to receive updates on the Douglas Creek Land Claim and Reclamation Site that has been occupied since February 28, 2006. Council has designated Councillors G. Ava Hill, George R. Montour, Glenda Porter and alternate R. Helen Miller as the Elected Council’s representatives on the main negotiating team that includes representatives from the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy Council, the Federal Government and the Ontario Government. There are other working groups that have been put into place to deal with specific issues. The negotiating team are scheduled to meet on May 31, 2006.

The main focus and current issue remains the safety and security of our people manning the reclamation site and blockade. Contrary to news reports, Argyle Street South was opened on May 23rd , 2006 and was the former King’s Highway 6. The present King’s Highway 6 runs on a by-pass around Caledonia and is currently blocked and occupied by our people, along with the railroad tracks that run through Douglas Creek.

The Elected Council is moving forward in scheduling a joint meeting with the Confederacy Council to discuss strategies in moving forward with resolution of the Douglas Creek Land Claim.

Six Nations Council is displeased with the actions or inactions of the Ontario Provincial Police that resulted in physical violence, racial slurs and a complete disrespect of our traditional Bread and Cheese as demonstrated by the throwing bread and cheese at our People. These are the events that occurred following the initial opening of Argyle Street South on May 22, 2006, which was erected again after failure of the removal of the Caledonia protesters that continued to block Argyle Street South. The damaged hydro transmission station is presently being repaired by Hydro One crews and most of the Territory that experienced power loss have been restored. Argyle Street South originally was blocked on April 20, 2006 when the Ontario Provincial Police unsuccessfully attempted to remove our People from the reclamation site.

Six Nations Council supports the efforts of communities, organizations and individuals wanting to
help in our efforts to settle the Douglas Creek Land Claim. You can help make a difference by:

Spokespeople: (519) 445-2201
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Glenn Forrest, Senior Administrative Officer

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