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OPP presence in Caledonia supports peaceful resolution

Ontario Provincial Police
June 8, 2006

Attention News Editors:

ORILLIA, ON, June 8 /CNW/ - The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) continues to monitor and maintain public safety at the site of the Caledonia occupation as the protest by members of the Six Nations reaches day one hundred.

OPP officers remain in place at Caledonia to keep the peace while negotiations continue with the aim of achieving a peaceful resolution to this difficult situation. Operational decisions, such as the uniforms and equipment to be worn by officers, are made in a manner that promotes the safety of all members of the community, including OPP officers.

"The well being and safety of officers is always a priority," says Commissioner Boniface. "The OPP is committed to working through the occupation without significant injury to anyone involved."

For further information: Contact: Sgt. Dave Rektor, 1-866-437-5621

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