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Premier's statement on incidents at Caledonia

[SISIS note: The following press release is provided for reference only. Inclusion of this statement on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

Office of the Premier of Ontario

Attention News Editors:

EDMONTON, June 9 /CNW/ - The following statement was issued by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty:

"It was with great disappointment that I learned of the violent incidents in Caledonia today. I would like to express sympathy and concern for those injured.

I also condemn the violence caused by an irresponsible few, a repugnant attempt to derail the important progress we are making.

While the provincial government has been working with the federal government, local council and Six Nations to resolve the broader Haldimand Tract Land Claims issues, it is essential that all sides remain calm and respectful of each other.

The events of the past months have placed a great strain on the community of Caledonia and the Six Nations people. However, no one can condone the violent incidents witnessed today.

The Prime Minister and I have appointed Barbara McDougall and Jane Stewart to lead discussions on the broader land claims issues. We are encouraged by progress in those discussions.

It is our responsibility as leaders, neighbours, friends and community members to resolve this matter peacefully through dedication, perseverance and goodwill. That requires calm, understanding and respect from everyone involved."

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For further information: Premier's Media Office, (416) 314-8975

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