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Last barricades removed

News release - for immediate release
June 13, 2006

OTTAWA, June 13 /CNW Telbec/ - Six Nations Grand River Territory: The Chiefs and Clan Mothers of the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Confederacy recognize that public safety is a significant concern and that continued tensions over barricades is not conducive to negotiations with Canada and the Province of Ontario. They are adamant that these negotiations towards resolution to outstanding matters, including Haudenosaunee/Six Nations land rights and the recognition and reconciliation of Haudenosaunee/Six Nations governance must continue. These matters have been unresolved for way too long.

Early this morning, at the request of the Chiefs and Clan Mothers, the last barricades have been removed from public roads surrounding the disputed lands at Douglas Creek.

Mohawk Chief Allen McNaughton has said, "We have a mutual concern that the rule of law has been threatened by a few individuals on both sides of the barricades - our law constituted by the Great Law of Peace as well as the laws of the Province of Ontario have not been upheld. Violence by any individuals will not help us to achieve our mutual goals. We hope that the removal of the last barricades will reduce the possibilities of future incidents."

The Haudenosaunee has legally binding treaties with the Crown. The Two Row Wampum belt and the Silver Covenant Chain affirm the nation to nation relationship between the Haudenosaunee and the Crown. These treaties acknowledge Haudenosaunee Sovereignty and recognize that each of our respective governments will continue to operate under its own laws and will not interfere with the affairs of each other's governments.

The Silver Covenant Chain speaks of a relationship between two governments based upon Respect, Peace and Friendship. There needs to be a commitment by all to exercise "Kanikonriio" (having a "Good Mind") which means ensuring equality, justice, and the commitment to help each other in times of need.

The issue of barricades are no longer an issue to contend with. Cayuga Sub-Chief Leroy Hill states that, "We look forward to continued negotiations to address the deeper and underlying issues of Six Nations land rights, and our relations with the Crown. With good will, innovation and pragmatic thinking, we are confident we can make that progress."

Haudenosaunee Media Contact: April Powless (519) 717-3921

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