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Ontario provides financial assistance program for Caledonia area businesses

Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

[SISIS note: The following statement is provided for reference only. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

Toronto, 06/16/2006 -- Economic Development and Trade Minster Joe Cordiano today announced the McGuinty government is providing an additional $1million to help Caledonia and surrounding businesses recover from the setbacks suffered as a result of the ongoing situation in the community.

"This new assistance is intended to provide more help for those businesses that have suffered losses from the disruptions caused by the road blockades on Argyle Street and Highway 6. We want to help the local community to get back to their everyday lives as soon as possible, and this new additional support will help that happen," said Cordiano.

The new program is modeled on the interim program that has been running since May 26, and will work seamlessly with the interim emergency program to ensure businesses that have received support already for April and May will be able to receive additional support for June. The program announced today is also available to businesses that have not accessed previous emergency funding.

"This brings our government's support for the local business community to more than $1.7 million," said Cordiano. "And our plan is to continue to work to get businesses, which are the engines of the local economy, back on their feet as quickly as we can."

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Gerretsen will seek advice from the Caledonia Community Liaison Committee on how the province can help the residents of the area who have been most directly affected by the blockades and occupation of the Douglas Creek property.

"This program is part of what we're doing to help families get on with their lives," said Gerresten.

"This is an important announcement for the people of Caledonia ," said Dave Levac, MPP for Brant. "This additional support sends a positive signal that the government is listening and taking action to support the local community and local businesses."

The new business assistance program will become available on June 21. Applications will be available on the Haldimand County Website at

For more information:

Molly Finlay
Minister Cordiano's Office


New Caledonia business assistance program provides help to Caledonia and area businesses

A $1 million financial assistance recovery program is available to businesses in the Caledonia-Hagersville-Highway 6 area which suffered losses from disruptions caused by recent road blockades.  This new program will be combined with the Emergency Financial Relief Program which provides $500,000 in emergency financial assistance to businesses and $210,000 to Haldimand County for economic recovery marketing.

Other details of the new program:

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