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Update from Hazel Hill, camp spokesperson

From: TheBasketCase <>
Friday, June 23, 2006

Sago from Grand River!

I thought I'd better write and let you know that we're still here. A lot has been happening since the barricades came down, most of it internal and it has kept us busy! The biggest thing is that the people are still maintaining our position on the land, and that in spite of propoganda, we're not re-routing Caledonia's water, we haven't got bunkers built, ammunition stored, nor are we toting guns around and terrorizing the citizens of Caledonia.

It is very distressing to hear such things because all along we have tried our best to remain peaceful, even in the face of racial descrimination and acts of hate crimes. We have continued to act in good faith, even when we have been met with politicians who know only ultimatums and not nation to nation dialogue, and we continue to carry the spirit of truth and justice for Creation as well as upholding our responsibilities to our Law, our Land and our People, even though judge marshall is still asking why his order to have the injunction enforced and have our people removed from the site is not being adhered to. Today, Premier McGuinty suggested that since the province has agreed in principal to purchase the land from Henco and to hold the land in trust, that we should all go home now. Perhaps someone out there should remind Mr. McGuinty about Kanesetake and how they were made a lot of promises including having the land put in trust, but it still has not resolved the situation nor have they followed through on any of their promises. Guess we know who was paying attention and who wasn't because the position of the people is exactly as it was the day we came onto the site, we are here until the land is back in title to the original titleholders and according to the original agreement.

Land held in trust is no different than calling it Crown land, and as we've politely pointed out several times, the land to which we hold title, the crown has no jurisdiction over. And if you're paying attention to the Canadian parliament as it nears its summer recess, the opposition party is really laying it on hard about how the government must do something about the situation in Caledonia. Too bad they're not standing there reminding the government of its' responsibilities to the Two Row and the Silver Covenant Chain, or even their own Constitution Act and British North American Act. No, they're standing there suggesting that the government has to do something to remove us from our homelands because the citizens of Caledonia are living in fear, they can't sleep at night, they can't even barbeque in their backyards! I think all politicians should be required to have common sense before being allowed to run in an election and before standing in their legislation commenting about something that they have no knowledge of other than gossip! Especially one who is suppose to be representing not only Caledonia, but also those at Six Nations who choose to vote in their system. First of all, they need to stand around in some of those people's backyards, bring the steaks and barbeque for them because they will see for themselves that we are not bothering anyone.

The children are not afraid to play outside in the school yard because they continually laugh and play and wave at our people on the site. When the Frisbee comes across the fence, we don't hold it hostage, we give it back! They should also have been there on the Friday night when the good law abiding citizens of Caledonia held their rally and besides drinking publically and throwing their empties at us (thanks by the way, the 10 cents a bottle helps), and throwing stones at us while they were shouting racist remarks about us and our welfare cheques, how the only good Indian is a dead Indian, and how they were gonna go home and get their shot gun. Better yet, did anyone bother to contact the OPP and ask about the reported incidents of continuous gun fire and reports of their fences being burned. If they had, they would have learned as one of our local newspaper reporters had that there were no such incidents. Or perhaps they could talk to the principal of the school as did that same reporter and they would have learned that the children are not afraid of us and that they don't have to hide under their desks or table to eat their lunch. And as far as gun fire, the only sounds representing gun fire is the times that fire crackers were being shot off around the May 24 weekend, or when fireworks were being shot directly at us the night the first barricade was taken down. Or maybe I should have just forwarded parliament a copy of the minutes of the Caledonia Citizens Alliance group meeting where they discussed arming themselves and that the opp had given them the nod of approval (which according to the OPP is utter nonsense) or how they were going to use their children as a cover when they attended their next rally and that their strategy was to "create chaos, continually dial 911 and rush toward the fence but do not cross the police line". Who does this? And yet they call us lawless and a militant faction.

Did anyone ever wonder why, when the footage is shown on TV during those violent "stand-offs" , that the OPP are always facing the Caledonia people and not the Onkwehonweh? It's because that is where the violence is coming from. The aggressive behaviour and attempts to incite violence is coming from their people not ours. And yet we're pegged as the "terrorists" in the media. Somebody somewhere is working really hard to disrupt the Peace but it certainly isn't us! And to top it all off, they are being rewarded for their behaviour. Canada is handing out millions of dollars to Caledonia for their loss of business due to the barricades. Maybe they should just check the stats of how many Six Nations people are no longer giving their business to Caledonia because of the racist attitudes that have grown deeper and more openly in the last 100 day's and they'd realize that it isn't the barricades that has decreased their sales, it is their own attitude toward our people. And if that wasn't enough, they had to turn on the children and barricade them out of the arena. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot.

They created the situation they are in, and now are demanding compensation for it! And of course the government obliges. Guess it's better to keep pouring money into racial discrimination than it is to actually pay their debt to the Six Nations.

As long as they keep rewarding those behaviours they won't actually have to deal with the real issue, which is the land and our sovereignty. The way one fellow put it, it's like dealing with a "bad little kid". You don't reward bad behaviour by giving them candy because when that's all gone, they're gonna want more and their behaviour is going to get worse!

With respect to the 7 people charged, two so far have been arrested and released. The Confederacy Council is still conducting it's investigation with respect to the alleged illegal activities and during that process the individuals are still required to stay off of the site. What I want to know is, how come our people are being tried twice for the same crime? They are being held accountable to our traditional government as required by our Law, the Kaierenekowah, but are also being forced through the Canadian justice system, which we've already established has no jurisdiction over our people.

And the more our investigation uncovers, the more I am convinced that it was a big set up! Can't give details till we've gathered all evidence but the TRUTH always reveals itself if only we look.

On a lighter note, the Concert held at Chiefswood Park on the 16th of June in support of the land reclamation was an overwhelming success. I gotta give a big Nya Weh to David and Kimberley Maracle, as well as Tuesday Johnson and TAP Resources and all of the other volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen.

To all of the artists who donated their time and shared their music, artwork and other talents to make this concert such a great experience I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!! We haven't got a total yet as far as how much the concert raised for the reclamation site, but as soon as we do, I will let everyone know. Everyone had a great time.............I even got to sing with my sister ElizaBeth and we didn't clear out the park so I guess we did good! But the most important part is that it was FUN! Everyone had a good time and an awesome experience. Already David and Kimberley have been approached as to when the next one is going to be. Even I can't wait! Good Work Everyone!

Well, as far as things at the reclamation site, we are continuing with our cultural examination of the land as far as the possibility of burial grounds. A well known archaeologist and friend of mine, Professor Bill Noble and his wife Jacquie paid us a visit at the site. The sad news is that the archaeological study that was conducted on behalf of Henco, quite possibly destroyed crucial evidence to the existence of village sites and other points of interest to our people. However, they did provide us with an 8 page report which we immediately sent to Premier McGuinty outlining several areas of their law which could have been broken during this archaeological study and have asked that it be forwarded to the appropriate ministries to be dealt with according to their laws. Henco is ultimately responsible and needs to be accountable for those inconsistencies before any money is paid to him. Again, something that should have been monitored but conveniently ignored.

So, I guess I've updated enough tonight. It's getting late and I'm a bit tired. Hopefully I will have other news to report soon so that you won't have to wonder if I got buried in those bunkers! Take care,

In Love, Light and Peace,


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