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Ignatieff chides Tories over Caledonia

Rob Faulkner
Hamilton Spectator
(Jun 26, 2006)

[SISIS note: The following mainstream news article is provided for reference only, as an example of how mainstream media treats indigenous resistance to genocide. Mainstream media often presents biased and distorted information, lacking pertinent facts and/or context. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Ignatieff, in Hamilton this weekend, criticized Ottawa's silence on the Caledonia native land claim dispute.

"I'm critical of the general silence of the federal government here," Ignatieff said at a meet and greet with local Liberals at Slainte Irish Pub.

He said it's crucial to strike a balance between the rule of law and a "serious aboriginal claim...that has to be respected."

Ignatieff spoke to at least 60 supporters and others who turned out Saturday for his third local visit.

Also present were ex-Burlington MP Paddy Torsney, Mississauga Liberal MP Paul Szabo, Brampton-area MP Ruby Dhalla and Liberal organizers who had worked for Sheila Copps.

Ignatieff said Hamilton is seeing a "vigorous competition" for Liberal support by candidates seeking the federal party leadership before the December vote.

"If I want to be competitive, I've got to be in Hamilton," said Ignatieff, who is thought to be a top-tier hopeful, alongside former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae and former education minister Gerard Kennedy.

While labelled the front-runner, he rejected the tag because he doesn't know how much support he has this early on. He says no one has a clear lead.

"Right now there's a lot of jockeying, with mud flying, and all the horses around me. I can't see anything," Ignatieff said.

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