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Back to court for Caledonia stakeholders

Ken Mann
Jun, 29 2006 - 12:00 AM

[SISIS note: The following mainstream news article is provided for reference only, as an example of how mainstream media treats indigenous resistance to genocide. Mainstream media often presents biased and distorted information, lacking pertinent facts and/or context. Inclusion of this article on our site should not be considered an endorsement by SISIS.]

CALEDONIA - It's back to court in Cayuga (Thursday), for all sides involved in the Caledonia dispute.

This is the third time that lawyers representing parties ranging from the federal and provincial governments to the O-P-P and the Six Nations Band Council have been ordered to appear before Justice David Marshall.

The issue continues to surround why his order to remove native protestors from the former Douglas Creek Estates development site has not been carried out.

Last time the lawyers gathered was two weeks ago, when it was revealed that the province had reached an agreement to buy out the developer, Henco Industries.

That has not proven to be enough to convince the Six Nation's Confederacy to end its occupation.

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