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Federal Legislation / Government Documents

1763: Royal Proclamation
1867: Canadian Constitution Act
1875: Order in Council (Canada) - Duty of Disallowance
1931: Statute of Westminster
1982: Canadian Constitution Act
1985: The Indian Act
1996: Royal Commission on Aboriginal People

Government-related WWW sites

Department of Indian Affairs
Canadian (settler) Aboriginal Law: legislation, cases, treaties

Confederated Native Court Judgement

News & Commentary

Dec 13/98: Canadian payout no solution for bands

Dec 03/98: Native policing-"A symptom of the overall problem"

Nov 16/98: Westbank man refuses toll on grounds of Delgamuukw

Nov 16/98: Canada's hypocrisy on human rights exposed

Nov 16/98: Ottawa stalls native land promise

Nov 11/98: Radioactive waste will kill McLean Lake Nation

Nov 09/98: Nisga'a to run own health care

Nov / 98: Reform Party moves to exploit native grassroots

Oct 29/98: Cross Lake demands compensation from Manitoba

Oct 28/98: Canada reviews health care transfers to natives

Oct 25/98: Canada resists native TV network

Oct 23/98: Passamaquoddy lay claim to land

Oct 13/98: Davis Inlet fights Canadian genocide

Oct 13/98: Canada's colonialism "worse than Mexico..."

Oct 03/98: Huu-ay-aht demand trespass compensation

Sep / 98: More Canadian genocide-TB sanitariums

Aug 21/98: Controversial native tax to kick in
Aug 20/98: Native fisherman angry over protest
Aug 18/98: Canada expected to close native fishery
Aug 10/98: Native people fear threats to tax-free status
Aug 08/98: End to native fisheries?

Jul 13/98: Cheam win limited food/ceremonial fishery
Jul 11/98: Confrontation over fishery
Jul 09/98: Westbank deal "secretive", "tainted"
Jul 04/98: Nunavut-Canada divides the spoils

Jun 19/98: AFN urges native-run social services
Jun 19/98: CIDA to "help Indians love Mexican government"
Jun 17/98: Canada ignores legislation, taxes natives
Jun 05/98: Court acknowledges anti-native racism
Jun / 98: Canada & Mexico-Indian wars north and south

Jan 09/98: Canada's international indigenous strategy

Jan 07/98: Federal government apologizes to natives
           Text of Minister's speech
           National leaders accept without people's approval
Dec 19/97: No 'unity' with indigenous genocide!
Dec 12/97: Commentary - It's about more than the trees...

Nov 21/97: Wikwemikong Nation going to court over unceded lands

Nov 11/97: Canadian court ruling on Haida lands
           Reasons for Judgment:
Nov 05/97: AFN "Chief" finally gets meeting with PM
Oct 17/97: Nuclear mining and aboriginal communities
Oct 06/97: Native leaders face serious questioning
Oct 03/97: Wendy Grant-John lands DIA job

Sep 27/97: Canada - church and state still ugly bedfellows
Sep 08/97: Deh Cho evict illegal resource extractors from their land
Sep 06/97: Native claim to proposed coal site rejected

Aug / 97: US-Canada fish war threatens native fishing rights

Jul / 97: New DIA Minister; Assembly of First Nations elections

Apr 20/97: Anti-gang legislation could affect Warrior Societies
           Related article: Another perspective on Warrior Societies
Dec 19/96: Mercredi calls meeting to discuss Indian Act changes

Dec 18/96: Mohawk statement on Royal Commission
Dec 14/96: CASNP replies to Royal Commission report
Jun 16/96: Call to protest Bill S-9's "self-government" fraud
Dec 11/95: Letter from Bruce Clark to Verna Friday, re legislative colonialism
Sep 25/95: New DIA policy is NOT self-government!
Aug 23/95: CASNP statement on "Self-Government" policy

Research Resources

Native Law Center

National Archives of Canada: New acquisitions on Indian Affairs

The National Archives of Canada recently acquired a set of documents concerning the Office of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs between the years 1762 and 1829. The documents contain information as mundane as a recipe for pickling beef to definitions of treaties signed with various Aboriginal tribes. Many of the letters deal with disagreements between tribes and whites over rights to land and of promises made.

For further information on the new acquisition or on the archive collection in general, contact:

Jennifer Snoeks
Communications and Public Programs
National Archive of Canada
Tel: (613) 947-1498
Fax: (613) 995-0919

New CD-ROM by Lawthority: Aboriginal Land Claims North

Contains full text of current native-Canada Land Claims agreements; maps; and hyperlinking to relevant Statutes of Canada. Updated on an intermittent basis, as new collections of Land Claims are added. CD-ROMs are available on a 30 day trial basis. Lawthority is the publisher of the "Treaties with Canada" line of CD-ROM products.
33 Westholme Avenue
Toronto, Ont. Canada M6P 3B9
Tel: (416) 767-7993
Fax: (416) 767-8162

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