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GESPE'GEWAQ, (The People of the Last Land)

(Listuguj - February 24, 1997) We are standing with our lawyer, Dr Bruce Clark, despite the heavy-handed and thuggish attempts by the B.C. judiciary to discredit him and so to silence his message.

We respect Dr. Clark's courage to stand up for what he has studied and knows to be the truth even in the face of personal imprisonment. Our people know the path he is walking - it is the path our ancestors walked, the same path we today are walking, in our on-going efforts to have our Native law and the Newcomers' own existing international and constitutional law respected. It is a difficult path, but one of honour.

We say thank-you to Dr. Clark and offer our support and protection.

Gary Metallic, Keptin
Grand Council - 7th District

Nnu Saqamaw - Brenda Gideon-Miller
Listugus Mi'gmaq First Nation


We Defenders, who remain true to the Creator and the Land, seek a peaceful resolution to the crisis which has been on-going in Secwepmc territory for 139 years. We stood at Gustafsen Lake on the Natural Law premise that, as land which has neither been ceded nor sold, it jurisdictionally remains under the protection and authority of the Secwepmc Nation.

Dr. Bruce Clark is our chosen counsel to present the Newcomer's constitutional and international law, which concur with our own Native/Natural law regarding jurisdiction of unceded Indian lands, to the court.

We offer our voices with Chief Metallic's in supporting Dr. Clark in his efforts to return the Newcomer courts to the Justice Way and in condemning Judge Nick Friesen for his outrageous attempt to coerce Dr. Clark into denouncing the legal arguments upon which we rely.

To Dr. Clark we offer our prayers and gratitude.


Flo Sampson, Secwepmc
Jones Wolverine Ignace, Secwepmc
Joseph A. Ignace, Secwepmc
Sheila Ignace, Secwepmc
Pancho Dick, Secwepmc
Teddy Dick, Secwepmc
Stuart Dick, Secwepmc
Shadow Potulicki, Secwepmc
Glen Deneault, Secwepmc
OJ Pitawanakwat, Ojibway
Shelagh Franklin, Newcomer
John Splitting the Sky Hill
Sandra Bruderer


From: Lil'wat Estken

Date: February 17, 1997


RE: Dr. Bruce Clark

A crime will be committed, when and if, Doctor Bruce Clark is arrested for exposing the "TRUTH" about the RULE OF LAW which governs our position of "NO JURISDICTION". Our allegations of FRAUD, ABUSE, COMPLICITY AND GENOCIDE WILL remain until the "LAW" is addressed by the JUDICIAL SYSTEM as is has SWORN to do!

BRUCE CLARK has been formally adopted by and into some of our FAMILIES in our "YET UNCEDEDED LIL'WAT COUNTRY."


The WORLD must also focus on the fact our willingness to "CO-EXIST" must not be "OVERSHADOWED" by the CORPORATE CORRUPTION AND GREED. The TERRORISM and VIOLENCE displayed by the GOVERNMENTS and their agents exist because of their unwillingness to live by the "LAW". The INCARCERATION of WOLVERINE is also in violation to the "RULE OF LAW". As many of you will find if you care to study the law. The WORLD must take notice that all of the so called legal PRECEDENTS that the CROWN PROSECUTORS rely on are not based on the TRUE LAW.

So I must again stress, "WE PEOPLE'S OF THE YET UNCEDED LANDS" that the law is the truth and the truth is the "LAW".




From: Ishgooda
Date: February 18, 1997

Dear Sirs,

I am extremely concerned about the safety of the chosen representative of the people appearing in court in your province, on trial for the defense of their land and sacred rites.

The eyes of the world watch to see if the European is yet civilized, or yet intends to make good on the threats of genocide against my people and those who would represent them.

From: ernie yacub - laichkwiltach/komeenook territory - cumberland, b.c.
Date: February 19, 1997
To: the government representatives of the people and judiciary

the arrest of dr. bruce clark by the rcmp, some of whom have made derogatory and threatening remarks about dr. clark, is most disturbing and requires urgent remedy.

i have been following the trial of the ts'peten defenders, who have been denied representation by their counsel of choice, dr. clark, and i strongly object to their treatment and the continued incarceration of wolverine.

it is the ndp government, its justice department and the rcmp who should be on trial.

a full, public enquiry is needed to reveal the machinations that led to a military standoff that came within a whisker of a bloody assault by the rcmp.

your prompt reply would be appreciated.

ernie yacub


From: Joe West
Date: Wednesday, February 19, 1997

The world knows what is occurring in BC. bottom line:
Do what is right.

Thank you,

Joe West

From: Stuart Russell
Date: Wednesday, February 19, 1997

I wish to protest in the strongest terms the arrest of Dr Bruce Clark by the RCMP in Vancouver on 18 February 1997. I have received and reviewed reliable information that Dr Clark was attempting to appear as counsel of choice for several Gustafsen Lake Defenders prosecuted before the courts of British Columbia. I also call upon you to ensure that he will be properly treated while in detention, and I would urge you to instruct the proper authorities to all him to be released on bail, pending further investigations.

I am deeply concerned about the treatment of Dr Clark and the Gustafsen Lake Defenders, and have informed the Australian media about these developments, who are interested in this issue.

Finally, I would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to forward to me your response to the concerns I raise in this communication.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Russell

From: Midwest Treaty Network
Date: Thursday, February 20, 1997

The Midwest Treaty Network, an alliance of 30 Native and non-Native groups in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, USA, calls for the immediate release of Dr. Bruce Clark in British Columbia.

From: Gespe'gewaq - Migmaq First Nation Government
Date: February 21, 1997

[SISIS note: Dr. Clark is representing the Mi'gmaq Nation in the Supreme Court of Canada, as intervenor in the matter of a Reference by the Governor in Council concerning certain questions relating to the secession of Quebec from Canada as set out in Order in Council P.C.1996-1497, dated the 30th day of September, 1996 (25506). Clark's imprisonment by Friesen J PCBC, may have been motivated by an attempt to preempt the jurisdictional arguments presentation before the Supreme Court of Canada. Dr. Clark's Intervenor application was successful and granted January 17, 1997.]

Gespe'gewaq (The People Of The Last Land)

DATE: February 21, 1997


Listuguj, Mi'gmaq Territory - The scruffy judicial conviction of Dr. Bruce Clark clearly indicates the desperation of the British Columbia court system. It takes out from up its sleeves to deal with the jurisdiction issue on unceded Indian Territory: arrogance, thugness and the presumptuous assumption that they are, by definition, the holder of the absolute truth.

Dr. Bruce Clark is persecuted by the RCMP and the judiciary who continue to try to humiliate him by labelling him as a radical, by smearing his reputation by trying to have him disbarred, by publicly pretending that he is a threat to the Canadian people. And they claim this is all in the name of "justice" at the same time that they are refusing to address the law that proves he is right.

The lucrative legal industry of defending Indian rights has a long list of Natives and non-Native lawyers obediently walking inside the parameter crafted by unilateral governmental policies. Their role in advancing the Aboriginal development is defeated because they look the other way when clients bring the central issue of Aboriginal sovereignty to their elegant offices. In the search for justice, very few of them refuse to bend the truth, or dare to cross the line set by the Canadian government. Dr. Bruce Clark is the one who will not let the truth be subordinated. Despite the professional and economical consequences for him and his family, he had the courage and integrity to stand up for justice and truth.

Now representatives of the judicial system, in an attempt to diminish a legitimate legal right, with disdain label our position "Indian extremism" and we and Dr. Clark are called "radicals", giving themselves the justification to jail him and us. But that doesn't silence him and it doesn't silence us.

Dr. Bruce Clark is working with us, the Listuguj Mi'gmaq community, to make clear our position on sovereignty before the Canadian judicial system and the Canadian people. We urge the Canadian government to admit that their control in unceded Indian territory is illegal on the grounds that we never surrendered, sold, gave away or abdicated our jurisdiction. And we have never been conquered. We also urge the Canadian government to join with us to convene an independent, impartial, third-party court in order to settle our jurisdictional dispute.

Ignoring our position will not stop our determination to assert our jurisdiction. We know what is on that road: more confrontations, more accusations of contempt and obstruction of justice, more people in jail and more cost in public taxes and no solution to the problem. Ignoring this issue is like keeping a self-inflicted wound open, pretending it doesn't exist. Healing will never take place this way. Our children know that we hope, as much as the ordinary Canadian people, that the healing take place in our relationship soon.

If our position is not defensible in point of law, why does the Canadian justice system choose to try to bury it? Our suspicions and the suspicions of our ancestors are articulated by Dr. Bruce Clark and we echo his words: "We accuse your court of fraud, treason and genocide". We also are ready to go to jail in defense of the truth and to stop the genocide of our people.

- 30-

For further information, contact:

Gary Metallic
Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation Government
Hereditary Chief, Grand Council of Mi'gmaq's

Peace and Friendship Through Unity and Diversity For Prosperity and Progress
P.O. Box 298 Listuguj, Que GOC 2RO
Tel.(418) 788-2186 Fax (418) 788-2058

From: (name withheld at author's request)
Date: February 21, 1997

Dear Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh,

I am writing to ask you to please drop the charges against Mr. Bruce Clark, Attorney for several of the Gustafsen Lake defendants. I assume that I do not need to remind you of the details of the case.

Our previous Attorney General The Honorable Ramsey Clark has written you about this gross miscarriage of justice.

I have directed several award winning documentaries for national television in the USA and am just finishing one now for the Turner network. I intend to make this grave injustice and the systemic brutality of Canadian law used as a weapon against the natives my next project. Please explain to me your point of view on the subject.

I am also considering hosting a celebrity fund-raiser in Los Angeles to draw attention to this case and to assist the natives with legal aid in the Gustafsen Lake matter.

Much of the world looks at Canada as a bastion of enlightenment, freedom, fairness and level-headedness. Please do not let a few loose cannon judges and police officers ruin this reputation. These men appear to us South of the Border as extremely racist, much like a Canadian version of Detective Mark Furhman in the well documented O.J. Simpson case.

If your case against the native people has any merit it must be heard in and by a fair and impartial court and with all of the arguments of the defense coming to bear including the jurisdictional issues Clark raises. The aggressive strong arm tactics that the government of BC condone make you seem like petty tyrants. These events are a black mark on BC to be certain and a terrible precedent for native people worldwide who seek justice. To the outsider you appear to be all of the terrible things the defendants accuse you of.

I eagerly await your reply. You may telephone me if you wish next week at (number deleted).


(name withheld)
Los Angeles, California - USA

From: Dee LeComte
Date: Sunday, February 23, 1997

The racist/genocidal government of B.C. and all their authorities have no shame. While I was in Vancouver last August, I had the opportunity to see a video regarding the Gustafsen Standoff. Although the video cleared up some of the facts for me, I wasn't surprised about how the government handled the standoff given the history of KKKanada. The First Nations people of this land, and throughout all of the Americas, have NEVER received justice in court. Why? Because there is no justice for First Nation peoples in these laws which are written by rich white men to protect them, their riches, and their genocidal acts.

Also I'm not surprised about how the media handled the situation, although it disgusts me to no end. When the media, be it T.V., radio, or newspapers, are own by corporations and/or filthy rich men (Conrad Black comes to mind) the truth will never reach the masses. Yet I do applaud some alternative publications, such as Prisoner's News Service, who have had the decency to denounce the attacks, the imprisonment, and slander campaign waged against the Ts'peten Nation.

What angers me the most is how other white (settler) people, throughout KKKanada don't even question these attacks by the B.C. government. They believe the racist commentaries in the media. In fact, racism is a large part of the "culture" for the average kkkanadian (I'm speaking of white people here). They don't want to give up their white priviledges in society even if it means genocide. I recognize the fact that my ancestors came to KKKanada in search of "cheap" land. Land that was stolen from First Nation peoples. Myself, I reject the idea of being a kkkanadian. All white people in KKKanada and throughout the world MUST work at destroying the racism inside of us all and we must denounce it at every opportunity. We, people of European decent, are the experts on racism. I believe it is up to us to destroy our genocidal culture and replace it with a humain non-racist, non-patriachal, and non-imperialist/colonialist society. In only doing this, will the human race survive.

In recent years from the Mohawk standoff to Stoney Point, from the Lubicon Cree to the Gustafsen Lake Defenders, we have seen injustice. When we see that First Nation peoples are disproportunately imprisoned by racist judges under racist laws we (white people) should be outraged, but most of us are completely silent on the issue. When we read recently that a young native man was beaten ruthlessly by police in Winnipeg in front of his family and friends who were threatened with violence (billy clubs and pepper spray) if they should try to intervene, we stay silent. Our silence is our complicity, our acknowledgement that genocide against the First Nation peoples is acceptable. Murder and attempted murder against them don't even warrant any charges under our racist laws. Beatings spurred on by racism and rape against First Nation women received only a "he/she was looking for trouble" comment from racist whites. THIS RACIST MENTALITY HAS GOT TO STOP!

South Africa under apartheid got the idea of the "pass law" from the kkkanadian government, where it was implemented in various locations in the western provinces of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This law, which the kkkanadian governments of KKKanada withdrew in the teens of this century, was re-instated after large protests by racist white people denounced the fact the native people should have the same liberty of freedom of movement as white people. This law finally came to an end in 1952. In Vancouver, there were certain areas of the city where native people were not allowed to set foot, even with their pass. This just demonstrates how the "legal" (or should we say illegal) system works for First Nation peoples.

We came to steal their land, we murdered them overtly and covertly, we put them in concentrations camps aka reservations, we restricted their freedom of movement, we gave them NO rights under our laws, we stold their children from their families, we raped their women, we colonized them, we implemented a genocidal campaign against all First Nations peoples, the list goes on and on. The most horrific thing is, it is still going on today.

The strength and courage of all the First Nation peoples, who haven't been bought out by this imperialist/patriarchal/white supremacist society, and continue to fight against it, demonstrates to me that there are at least some people in this land that understand the meaning of justice. Their fight for justice, is also the fight for humanity, and I thank all of them for that.

In return, I believe it is my responsability to denounce the actions of the racist government of B.C. and their authorities, as well as the racist government of KKKanada. I doubt that the Attorney General of B.C., Ujjal Dosanjh, has read my messages sent by e-mail. He most likely instructs his secretary (aka accomplice) to delete them. Although I've refrained from using foul language, I do not side-step issues when I write to criminals such as him. I intend to spread the word throughout the world about your fight for justice. The truth must be told.

FREE WOLVERINE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Solidarity with Wolverine, the Gustafsen Lake Defenders, and all First Nations peoples throughout the Americas.


Dee LeComte
member of: Citoynes opposes a la brutalite policiere

I'm presently residing on stolen Mohawk territory, aka Montreal, in the province of KKKebec, within the colonialist country of KKKanada

From: Jackie Austin
Date: Sunday, February 23, 1997

To the Attorney General of BC:

I am joining others to protest about the actions involving Bruce Clark and the Ts'peten. It is time that the governments around the world recognized the sovereignty of indigenous peoples, and the basic human rights of ALL people.

Stop the repression against Bruce Clark and indigenous people. The world IS watching what goes on -- information travels across borders. Both the U.S. and Canada have a terrible record when it comes to government policy toward Indian sovereignty. It is time for all governments to re-direct policy and respect people's rights.


Jackie Austin
President, Wisconsin-CURE
Board Member, Wisconsin Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Member, Amnesty International
Member, Campaign to End the Death Penalty

Inside Voices
PO Box 259266
Madison, WI 53725
Email: austin@itis.com
WWW: http://www.inxpress.net/~ghaustin

Date: Monday, March 3, 1997
From: Tasmanian Human Rights Group

To: Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh

Dear Sir,

It has been reported in the Australian media that Dr. Bruce Clark, counsel for the defence in the trial of the Ts'peten Sundancers, has been imprisoned on the eve of his presentation of evidence and witnesses. The injustice of this gagging and exile to Prince George is of great concern to us, assuming as we had in Australia that Canada's judicial system assured defendants their right to counsel of choice. It is clear from recent events and media coverage that the law courts and police of British Columbia and politicians including yourself, are determined not to let the public hear the truth about the military attack at Gustafsen Lake. We demand to know, and that is why we ask you to ensure that Dr Clark is released so that he may represent his clients. The corruption of the BC judiciary is becoming more obvious and more severe as this case continues. Human rights violations abound, a Shuswap elder sits in prison without bail after more than a year, and the "complicity in genocide" of which Dr Clark spoke is becoming known worldwide.

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah Sharp
on behalf of Tasmania Human Rights Group

Letter from Harvey Whitehawk, Messenger from World Council Fire
Date: March 17, 1997
Re: Support for Dr. Bruce Clark

To: Prime Minister Jean Chretien
From: E.H. Lyman
Date: March 22, 1997

Dear Prime Minister;

I am enclosing material downloaded from a web site that is at the end of the article. It states, better than I could, the judicial treatment of lawyers dealing with Aboriginal cases.

Yes, I admit what Dr. Clark has been revealing in court has troubling implications. Profound "errors of law" appear to have been made in matters of dealing with the Aboriginal people in the past. But does that mean we have to go from bad to worse? Can't we for once go from bad to better?

I had never before seen the matter of several abused lawyers (mentioned in the March 14 article) presented in this way. Most of us here barely knew they were all dealing with Aboriginal court cases. What an eye-opener!

Dr. Clark's is apparently not a unique case. This is a pattern. And it's an ugly, shocking pattern. Who is safe (except some very high up people who seem to get away with a great deal) in this country, if even our lawyers can't safely fight for client justice? I urge you in the strongest terms, to order a public inquiry into this whole larger picture of corruption!

After all, a system where the government and police support vested interests, and persecute justice is called "Fascism". We don't really want that to continue in Canada!

From what I hear about the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People we are once again going to try to paste the situation over with bucks, rather than going to the fundamentals. The trouble seems to be that when we indiscriminately throw money around, it always ends up in the wrong hands.

Very likely the taxpayers will end up paying more this way, than if the whole situation was properly addressed, with the constitutional implications presented and debated before a truly independent third party tribunal.

Once we know where the legality is, we can get on with politically acceptable solutions. That's what Dr. Clark says: the solution will be a political one. The problem, however, is one of law. Let's begin by addressing the law.

We have seen what one side has to say about the law (Dr. Clark's Native clients). To have a third party tribunal, we next need the second side (that's us, the "settlers") to also address the law. This has apparently not been done. Let's do it! We do need to move forward, and stop stonewalling.

I would urge you to suggest to our senior Court to get our best constitutional experts onto this case and have them address the law, starting with the 1704 Queen Anne decision in favour of the Mohecans. Then let's have the two sides agree on a Third Party (Independent) Tribunal to resolve the matter. Justice not only has to be done, it has to be perceived by everyone to have been done. Let's open the real questions arising from the Gustafsen Lake standoff up to some fresh air, and the light of day! It's high time we did!


Eva H. Lyman

Enc: BC Court of Appeal Upholds Conviction and 3-month Prison Sentence for Dr. Bruce Clark, March 14 / 97

- Solicitor General Herb Gray
- Chief Justice of BC

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