The UN and Native Sovereignty



1948 - Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

1988 - Proposal: Decade for Eradication of Colonialism

1989 - ILO Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

1998 - Report of 54th Commission on Human Rights: Indigenous issues

1998 - Commission on Human Rights' endorsement: 
       Protection of the heritage of indigenous people

1998 - Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Commission on Human Rights: 
       Statements on WGIP report & International Decade of the
       World's Indigenous People

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           documents regarding the WGIP; the index page is at 

in progress - UN Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People
                 English version
                 Spanish version


Dec 11/98: Is the UN facilitating extinction of natives?

Dec 10/98: How I wish we had human rights...

Nov 30/98: Statement by Indigenous Caucus at UNWGIP

Nov 27/98: UN High Commissioner to visit reserves

Nov 19/98: Call to report US to UN for human rights abuses

Jul 17/98: CASNP report on 1997 UN gathering

Feb 01/98: UN Special Rapporteur Abdelfattah Amor investigates US
              In 1996, the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC)
           filed a formal complaint with the UN Special Rapporteur on
           Religious Intolerance on behalf of the Sovereign Dineh Nation
           of Big Mountain, focusing on forced relocation and its impacts
           on freedom of religion. The Rapporteur accepted the case. This
           is the first time the U.S. has been formally investigated by the
           UN for violations of Indigenous Peoples' right to freedom of
           religion or belief. Mr. Amor's findings will be formally
           presented to the UN Commission on Human Rights and the UN
           General Assembly.
Sep 16/97: New human rights chief of UN pledges reform
Jun 20/97: Call for Irish people to support UN Draft Declaration

United Nations Committee on Human Rights
open-ended Intersessional Working Group (IWG) on the
Draft UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

On October 21, 1996, the Global Indigenous Caucus (GIC) walked out of the UN working group after the chair and state representatives ignored indigenous delegates' proposal that the existing draft Declaration, considered "the minimum standards for the promotion and protection of the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples" (GIC, Geneva, 1996), be immediately adopted, without changes or amendments by colonial UN member-states. According to a NetWarriors press release, "Indigenous delegations refused to enter into a colonial process designed to allow states to dilute and change the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples."

October 27, 1997 marked the start of the 3rd session of the UNCHR-IWG's discussion of the draft declaration. Yet again, colonial states attempted to sidetrack the session, this time by debating the definition of 'indigenous peoples'. The session ended without adoption of the Draft Declaration.

Indigenous organizations and supporters are continuing to lobby for adoption of the Draft Declaration in its entirety, without colonial amendments that would weaken the protection of indigenous peoples' human rights.


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October 27 - November 7, 1997

Nov 08/97: Report on walkout from 1997 IWG discussions
Nov 07/97: Final U.N. report
Nov 06/97: More statements by Indigenous delegates on Article 3
Nov 05/97: Summary of debate on Article 3
Nov 04/97: More statements by Indigenous delegates on Article 3
Nov 03/97: Statements by Indigenous delegates on Article 3

Oct 31/97: On-line political action
Oct 30/97: Discussion on Article 3 of Draft Declaration
Oct 29/97: Interventions
Oct 28/97: Press statements
Oct 27/97: Opening statements

October 21 - November 1, 1996

NetWarriors' 1996 archives

Nov 01/96: Closing Statement by the Representative of Fiji

Oct 30/96: Report from the Indigenous Peoples Global Caucus
Oct 29/96: Netwarriors Update on the Indigenous Peoples Global Caucus

Oct 25/96: Oral Intervention by the International Indian Treaty Council
Oct 25/96: Statement by Hunkpapa Treaty Council
Oct 25/96: Statement by Masaii of Kenya
Oct 25/96: Statement by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Oct 24/96: Summary of the Indigenous Caucus Strategy before the Working Group
Oct 24/96: Statement of the Chickasaw Nation
Oct 24/96: Departure Statement of the Autonomous American Indian Movement

Oct 24/96: Maori Delegation: Comments
Oct 24/96: Maori Delegation: Departure Statement
Oct 24/96: Maori Delegation: Background Paper

Oct 23/96: Report from the Net Warriors: Indigenous Peoples Global Caucus
Oct 23/96: Statement by The First Nations of North America

Oct 22/96: Joint Statement by the Indigenous Peoples Caucus
Oct 22/96: Individual Indigenous Nations' Position Statements
Oct 22/96: Indigenous Peoples Strategies for the Draft Declaration
Oct 22/96: Analysis of U.S. position on the Draft Declaration

Oct 21/96: Resolution of the Indigenous Nations and Peoples Delegates
Oct 21/96: Statement from the caucus of Indigenous Peoples
Oct 21/96: Press statement - Indigenous Representatives Walk Out

Oct 20/96: Reasons for Decisions taken at the Indigenous Preparatory Meeting
Oct 20/96: Letter to Indigenous Brothers and Sisters from Crystal Echohawk

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