Apr 20/98: Nuxalk Nation supports NYM


April 20, 1998

"First of all we would like to acknowledge the Creator, Tatau, through Manakays, the Great Spirit for all he has provided since the beginning of time and continues to provide today."

Yaw Smalmo!

Hello to the NATIVE YOUTH MOVEMENT from everyone here at the House of Smayusta in Nuxalk Territory. The Hereditary Chiefs, Elders, and people of Nuxalk send you the strength and spirit of our ancestors. Our Spirits are very uplifted and we send our prayers of support to the stand that you all have taken at the "BC Treaty Commission" office in Vancouver. May you all continue to carry the Wisdom, Courage and Strength of our elders. It is our youth that will carry on all that has been bestowed to us.

It is very encouraging and motivating that the Voice of our youth from many of our nations continue to uphold our Tradition and Culture against the manipulation of the "Canadian" government. The so-called process of the Treaty Commission attempts to take away all that identifies our people. We maintain the position of sovereignty here in Nuxalk. We all possess the responsibility and obligation to protect and be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves; the land, trees, bears, eagles, ravens, moose, deer, salmon, killer whales, creeks, rivers and valleys; All the great gifts that have been given to our people by people. Neither the "Candian" federal, or "British Columbian" provincial governments can define who we are as First Nations people.

The injustices that have been placed on our people by the implementation of this foreign government is becoming aware internationally all over the world. We hold our hands up to you with honor and pride for it is collectively we stand together.

For the future of our children, grandchildren, and those yet unborn!


Hereditary Chiefs, Elders, And People of Nuxalk Nation
House of Smayusta
PO Box 8, Bella Coola, "BC" VOT ICO

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