Apr 23/98: Judge orders NYM protesters freed


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
Thursday, April 23, 1998

Occupied Salish Territory, Vancouver - Members of the Native Youth Movement, making their first appearance in BC Supreme Court yesterday after their arrest and jailing for a 5 day occupation of offices of the BC Treaty Commission, were unexpectedly freed and had charges dismissed when the Crown failed to appear.

Despite several recesses by they court to try and resolve the matter subsequent to a Wednesday 9:30 AM hearing, by the afternoon the crown had still not appeared and the presiding judge was forced to release all NYM prisoners. The NYM had occupied the BCTC in protest over "the fraud and embezzlement of our lands" being jointly conducted by the BCTC and "so-called native leaders" which NYM charged were negotiating without the informed consent of Native Youth.

"We say the BC Treaty process is fraudulent and corrupt. The land is ours and we are not going to settle for anything else." - NYM

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