The British Columbia government & native sovereignty

The British Columbia government and Native Sovereignty

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BC TREATY COMMISSION, aka "Trick-or-Treaty Con-mission"
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aka "Delgamuukw"


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Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs' Crown land activities and aboriginal rights policy framework

Hansard: Official transcripts of legislature discussion

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"The purpose of the BC Treaty Process is to legitimize the theft of our lands." - Haida elder Lavina White


"Canada has adopted a policy based solely on 'extinguishment' of underlying aboriginal rights, in lands which have not been ceded properly, while occupying and extracting billions in resources off those same lands and using those same resources to control public opinion and subjugate the Aboriginal owners. It has devised a history of legislated theft which is still open to serious legal question at both the domestic and international levels.

"The work of the BC Treaty Commission currently under mandate by both the federal and provincial governments is trying to negotiate land claims settlements in BC, within a pseudo framework of 'Treaty Negotiations' which start from the premise that the 'First Nations' are not Sovereign Nations but special rights Canadian citizens needing redress for past wrongs and therefore cannot negotiate for sovereignty but for compensations... Canada has adopted a policy of police state terrorism and fascism, criminalizing any Aboriginal Nations and individuals who implement and exercise their sovereignties and jurisdictions, while portraying a face of tolerance and liberalism to the rest of the world."

- from A Past and Current History of Salient Points in BC, Canada and the Treatment of Indigenous Peoples: prepared for the UN Study on Treaties, Agreements and other Constructive Arrangements by the Sovereignty Peoples Information Network, Sept. 11, 1994

Government Documents

B.C. government treaty web site:

Aug 06/96: Select standing committee on aboriginal affairs to hold
           public forums on treaty process
Nov 25/95: Treaty process to be legislated soon

News and Commentary

Nov 25/98: In-SHUCK-ch N'Quat'qua 'Trick-or-Treaty'

Nov 05/98: BC Premier pledges no whaling in treaties

Sep 22/98: Sechelt and the BC Trick-or-Treaty process
Sep 16/98: Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en re-enter BC treaty process

Jul 14/98: Pavilion-More blockades may be down the road
Jul 12/98: Pavilion band blocks highway
Jul 09/98: Fast-tracking bogus land claims process?

Jun 29/98: BC Treaty commissioner calls for more cash
Jun 27/98: Fragile detente on land claims fades away
Jun 24/98: BC Treaty process 'on track'
Jun 20/98: Dramatic change to BC's Treaty process
Jun 18/98: BC shuffles deckchairs on BCTC 'Titanic'

May 29/98: Fears that BC will abandon treaty process
May 26/98: Editorial-Land claims process is 'history'
May 25/98: Editorial-Mess bodes ill for treaty process
May 22/98: Ex-treaty commissioner-land claims undermined
May 15/98: BC NDP planning to exploit land claim fears
May 14/98: Plan to streamline treaty talks hits snag
May 08/98: Meeting to discuss Delgamuukw impact on BCTC

Apr 20/98: Who is the BC Treaty Commission?
Apr 16/98: BC Treaty Commission in overload

Mar 15/98: Delgamuukw & BCTC-Where are we now?
Mar 13/98: Delgamuukw ruling forces review of BCTC
Mar / 98: UBCIC demands BCTC native leaders clarify position

Feb / 98: Sechelt band expected to pull out of BCTC

Jan 31/98: BCTC in disarray after Delgamuukw ruling

Dec 13/97: Delgamuukw ruling could slow treaty talks

Nov / 97: Union of BC Indian Chiefs - BCTC = "genocide"

Oct 22/97: Trick or Treaty - United Native Nations protests BCTC
Oct 10/97: Clipping - Angry Indians seek meeting with Premier
Oct 01/97: Anger over land sales

Aug 26/97: BC Premier welcomes investors to invade indigenous lands
Aug 23/97: First Nations dismayed by deal offered to Sechelt

Jun 01/97: Mt. Currie Band Council "will not accept any treaty"

May / 97: Extinguishment of aboriginal rights or title

Apr 21/97: Resistance to BC Treaty Commission continues to grow

Feb 18/97: Submission by John Shafer to Select Standing Committee
Feb 14/97: Trick or Treaty? Conflict of interest abounds on BCTC
Feb 13/97: Sechelt chief calls land talks a fraud
Feb 01/96: Lawyer - BCTC abandons treaty rights

Sep 24/95: Freedom Socialist - Government stops sovereignty

Native Youth Movement

How to contact the NYM

Jun 30/98: BC Premier brushes off concerns for NYM
Jun 28/98: Interview with NYM's Rose Caldwell
Jun 25/98: NWLPSN statement of solidarity with NYM
Jun 24/98: Band council, RCMP hold back on 'eviction'
Jun 23/98: CBC report on 'eviction' of NYM
Jun 22/98: Westbank takes step to evict NYM members
Jun 01/98: BC Premier responds to NYM occupation

May 28/98: NYM members ordered to keep the peace
May 27/98: NYM Westbank protesters in custody
May 27/98: Police drag NYM from band office
May 26/98: Sit-in part of battle to protest treaties
May 25/98: NYM release on occupation of Westbank Band
May 25/98: NYM occupies Westbank Band Council office

Apr 23/98: Judge orders NYM protesters freed
Apr 22/98: Mainstream coverage-NYM occupation ends
Apr 21/98: Interior Six Nations Alliance supports NYM
Apr 21/98: NYM forcibly removed from BCTC office
Apr 21/98: Mainstream coverage of NYM occupation
Apr 20/98: Lil'Wat Estken supports NYM
Apr 20/98: Nuxalk Nation supports NYM
Apr 20/98: NYM press conference & interview
Apr 20/98: NYM occupation continues, past deadline
Apr 19/98: NYM occupation of BC Treaty office, Day 3
Apr 18/98: Union of BC Indian Chiefs supports NYM
Apr 17/98: Penticton Band supports the NYM
Apr 17/98: NYM to re-occupy BC Treaty commission office

Jan 31/98: Native Youth Movement condemns BCTC

May / 97: Native Youth Movement opposes treaty process

Nisga'a 'Treaty'

Text of Nisga'a Agreement to be ratified:

Nisga'a Tribal Council
Email: gpatsey@ntc.bc.cad

Dec 10/98: Liberal fight against Nisga'a deal fizzles out

Dec 07/98: Elder - Nisga'a deal = "Extinguishment"

Nov 30/98: Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs on Nisga'a deal

Nov 30/98: Nisga'a deal "isn't a settlement blueprint"

Nov 26/98: BC Labour Federation endorses Nisga'a deal

Nov 25/98: Court will hear Gitanyow challenge to Nisga'a deal

Nov 21/98: Gitksan-Nisga'a deal "is an act of aggression"

Nov 21/98: NDP spin doctoring doesn't make Nisga'a deal fly

Nov 19/98: Editorial-Nisga'a agreement "a terrible thing"

Nov 19/98: Religious leaders back Nisga'a deal

Nov 18/98: Premier Glen Clark's statement on Nisga'a deal

Nov 12/98: Nisga'a vote raises more questions than answers

Nov 11/98: Chretien admits binding duty of Royal Proclamation

Nov 10/98: Nisga'a leader goes to Europe to sell deal

Nov 09/98: Nisga'a voter-"Treaty gave up too much"

Nov 06/98: Matriarch - Nisga'a deal "unacceptable"

Nov 06/98: Ottawa rejects BC's hard sell on Nisga'a deal

Nov 06/98: Nisga'a referendum - allegations of corruption

Nov 02/98: Green Party excluded from Nisga'a debate

Oct 30/98: Nisga'a deal gets global attention

Oct 30/98: BCTC hustlers debate pros/cons of Nisga'a deal

Oct 28/98: NDP govt pushes Nisga'a deal

Oct 26/98: Schools debating govt. Nisga'a material

Oct 20/98: Nisga'a's Gosnell threatens "Oka", "Gustafsen"

Oct 19/98: Liberal urges more money to push Nisga'a deal

Oct 19/98: Pollster attacks opponents of Nisga'a deal

Oct 17/98: NDP to spend millions to promote Nisga'a deal

Oct 16/98: Students "pawns" in Nisga'a lessons?

Oct 15/98: Why S.I.S.I.S. opposes the Nisga'a deal

Oct 15/98: Clark asks PM to back Nisga'a pact

Oct 09/98: BC Premier voices Nisga'a doubts

Oct 09/98: Okanagan oppose Nisga'a agreement

Oct 05/98: Nisga'a deal is "make or break" for NDP

Sep 21/98: Publisher accused of anti-Nisga'a campaign
Sep 18/98: BC Fed rallies workers to support Nisga'a deal
Sep / 98: BC Forest Minister on COFI's Nisga'a comments

Aug 30/98: Clipping - Nisga'a have "a long way to go"
Aug 09/98: Nisga'a land deal contradicts UN report
Aug 06/98: Feds bring in mediator for Gitanyow/Nisga'a
Aug 06/98: InterPress-New deal for Indians in B.C.
Aug 03/98: Interior Alliance denounces Nisga'a "template"
Aug 03/98: Nisga'a deal sparks strong emotions
Aug 01/98: Judge rejects injunction against Nisga'a deal
Aug / 98: Union of BC Indian Chiefs opposes Nisga'a deal

Jul 28/98: Aboriginal opposition to Nisga'a deal
Jul 26/98: Nisga'a council president dismisses referendum
Jul 26/98: Nisga'a deal a PR flop
Jul 25/98: Liberal leader seeks to force vote on Nisga'a deal
Jul 22/98: Nisga'a 'treaty' rift threatens BC economy
Jul 22/98: Editorial-"Treaty's culture of blame"
Jul 22/98: Nisga'a deal leak - "full and final settlement"
Jul 21/98: Second band tries to stop Nisga'a deal
Jul 17/98: Native bands critical of Nisga'a deal
Jul 16/98: Nisga'a treaty signals lengthy political fight
Jul 15/98: Nisga'a 'treaty' hype: "the route to success"
Jul 14/98: Nisga'a agreement to be signed
Jul 11/98: Nisga'a treaty close to being signed
Jul 08/98: BCTC divide and conquer-Gitanyow vs. Nisga'a

Jun 30/98: Clark claims final Nisga'a treaty is close
Jun 29/98: BC to sell Nisga'a deal on "collective guilt"
Jun 16/98: Nisga'a deal to wrap up within weeks

Mar 09/98: BC Premier cranks up effort to reach deal
Mar 08/98: Clark sees "firestorm" over Nisga'a land

Aug 29/97: Nisga'a critics seem anti-native
Jun 02/97: Nisga'a Hereditary Chief challenges treaty

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