Trick or Treaty: Conflict of interest in BC Treaty Commission



- posted to sovernet-l on Feb. 24 / 97 by John Shafer

While native people like the Lubicon Cree and their supporters are struggling against the genocidal activities of Daishowa, here in BC the gov't sponsored FIRST NATIONS' SUMMIT approved the appointment of a Daishowa director to sit as Chief Commissioner of the BC Treaty Commission.

Alec Robertson came to his post straight from directorships of Daishowa Canada Ltd., and Daishowa Forest Products Ltd. He was also a senior partner of Davis and Company, which has included Mitsubishi, Alcan, Chrysler, and Macmillan Bloedel among its clients. Allan Williams, General Counsel for Davis and Company, also sat on the BC Claims Task Force, which concieved and recommended the BC Treaty Commission process under then BC native affairs minister Jack Weisgerber and his deputy minister Eric Denhof. Denhof continued as Deputy minister under the NDP and subsequently was posted to the European operations of the Burson-Marstellar created BC Forest Alliance. Denhof is now a federal Treaty negotiator, simultaneously to acting as BC rep for SNC - Lavalin, a huge engineering firm and arms manufacturer.

Conflict of interest? Not in NDP BC. Even the Conflict of Interest Commissioner Ted Hughes has his hands in the gravy bowl. He too is a treaty negotiator with the BC's "trick or treaty" process. No conflict of interest....THAT IS THE INTEREST.

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