Jun 1/97: Mt. Currie Band Council on BC Treaty Commission

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June 1, 1997

The following letter from the Mount Currie Indian Act Band Council is a further indication that the bogus and fraudulent BC Treaty Process is in trouble. The BCTC is a termination and extinguishment creation designed to destroy the existing sovereignty of indigenous nations beyond the treaty frontier.

It is not a nation-to-nation treaty process but a land-claims process. Chief Commissioner Alec Robertson, formerly a director of logging multinational Daishowa (infamous for clear-cutting Lubicon land), recently stated in a recent submission to the Select Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs: "First Nations outside the process are the most likely to choose confrontation as a means to protect their interests. We do not have to look far for recent examples. The names Apex, Gustafsen Lake and Douglas Lake are familiar to all British Columbians."

Right Honourable Jean Chretien
Prime Minister of Canada Room 309-S.,
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1S OA6


Premier Glen Clark
Province of British Columbia
Room 156 West Annex Parliament Buildings
Victoria, B.C. V8V IX4

Dear Prime Minister and Premier Clark,

On behalf of the Mount Currie Band Council and its membership, please find enclosed a copy of the Lil'wat Nation traditional territory map within the Stl'atl'imx Territory. This is a record of our traditional territory as told to us through our traditional and oral history.

The treaty process is moving ahead towards concluding treaties with First Nations' claiming lands which impinge on our traditional territory. In particular, the treaty process is dealing with claims to common use areas which the Lil'wat historically shared with neighbouring First Nations.

By this letter, the Mount Currie Band Council is notifying British Columbia, Canada and all First Nations with whom we traditionally shared common use areas, that the Lil'wat Nation does not and will not, accept any treaty having any impact on the lands and resources within our traditional territory.

Mount Currie Band Council BC Treaty Process Position Statement:

"The Council and the people of the Mount Currie Band are not interested in extinguishing nor in any way interested in jeopardizing the Aboriginal title, Rights and Interests of the Stl'atl'imx, of which we are a part; therefore we are not interested in attending treaty process meetings. To do so would be a beginning on the path to compromising the unceded title of our lands. Termination to our homeland is a once and for all reality which would short change our future generations. We remain committed and loyal to the Declaration Of The Lillooet Tribe made and signed by all Chiefs at Spences Bridge, BC on May 10th, 1911.
Yours truly,

Chief Allen Stager & Mount Currie Band Council


Lahalus (a.k.a. Loretta Pascal), Tsemhu7qw (a.k.a. Harold Pascal)
P.O. Box 208
Lil'Wat Nation
via Mount Currie, "BC"
VON 2KO "Canada"

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