Jun 23/98: CBC report on NYM 'eviction'


CBC Radio
Tuesday, June 23, 1998, shortly after 1:00 pm
Tate McFarland

The following edited interview is with CBC Radio's Tate McFarland broadcast shortly after 1:00 PM from the Westbank Indian Reserve.

"There are about a dozen young native people standing behind Rose Caldwell right in front of her house. She's currently taking some interviews with reporters. There are "No Trespassing" signs stapled to telephone poles and a rickety makeshift fence right in front of the house. Earlier in the day, an RCMP officer arrived, and tried to serve some documents on these by standers. These papers contain the names of 18 people that the Band Council says are trespassing. The documents ask trespassers to leave.

But Rose Caldwell says she and her friends aren't going anywhere - that these young people are her invited guests and they're not trespassing. She says she's going to use the documents that were served on her to light a fire...The police are acting on a request from the Westbank Band Council. It used a section of the Indian Act that allows it to identify "trespassers" and have them removed from the reserve...

I have to say, a lot of the young natives staying with Rose Caldwell were arrested last month along with Rose for occupying the Westbank Band Office, and were trying to get the Band Council to pull out of BC Treaty talks, saying that the process is illegal."


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