Jun 26/97: Letter to Queen Elizabeth II


June 26, 1997

To the Attention of HRH Queen Elisabeth II

Your Royal Highness:

Your Royal Highness may not be aware of the current conflicts over jurisdiction in some parts of Canada, arising from the disregard of certain provisions of the Royal Proclamation made by Your Royal predecessor in 1763.

It would appear that much of British Columbia has never been ceded in the prescribed manner, and would therefore seem to still be, legally at least, Indian Territory.

Canadian Courts have, regrettably, not approached the matter in the most acceptable manner, putting into serious question their actual good will and intentions to deal with this problem, so as to resolve it to everyone's satisfaction.

I think I speak for most non-Aboriginal Canadians, when I say that it would be wise to resolve this matter in an appropriate, and legal manner at Your earliest convenience.

I do believe that an independent Third Party Tribunal would satisfy most parties, and if Your Royal Highness does not feel it is appropriate to deal with this as prescribed in the Royal Proclamation of 1763, then perhaps Your Royal Highness might suggest another impartial country or group, clearly not part of the Canadian establishment however, to take the place of Your Privy Council.

The Aboriginal Nations of Canada place a great deal of faith in the British Monarchy. I truly hope that you will find the time during this Royal Visit, or shortly thereafter, to try to resolve this impasse, which is causing a great deal of bitterness, and anguish among the Aboriginal peoples of this land.

Yours truly,

E. H. L.
[S.I.S.I.S. note: we have deleted the signer's full name to protect her anonymity.]

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