Mar 28/97: Bruce Clark released to house arrest

S.I.S.I.S. Bulletin


March 28, 1997

On Thursday, March 27, imprisoned native rights lawyer Dr. Bruce Clark was released from jail to "house arrest". An electronic device has been placed on his leg and his movements are severely circumscribed and monitored. Informed sources have advised S.I.S.I.S. that the surprise move is in response to "heavy criticism - domestic and international." [Thank You to all who made this happen - S.I.S.I.S.]

Clark was sentenced to three months imprisonment by BC's corrupt kangaroo court system on trumped up charges of contempt of court. Former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark termed the proceedings "an outrageous abuse of judicial power".

The persecution masked as prosecution is an attempt by the BC and Canadian governments to stop the revelations of extensive and longstanding fraud, judicial crimes and genocide with respect to Indian affairs and unextinguished Indigenous sovereignty and jurisdiction over most of the provincial land base.

Shuswap traditionalists like imprisoned elder William Ignace aka Wolverine, charged in connection with the summer 1995 Gustafsen Lake standoff, had asked Clark, a constitutional and international law authority, to present their sovereignty arguments. But Clark was arrested by BC authorities, and the accused were denied their right to counsel of choice. Ignace was forced to call his lawyer as an "expert witness."

Clark's testimony, jokingly referred to as "Canadian Colonialism and Genocide 101", continues. The trial, ongoing in Surrey, BC, is the longest criminal trial in Canadian history.

The Canadian media have ceased covering the trial. Alternative and international media inquiries are invited and urgently needed.

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