Nov 5/97: Native Chief to Meet PM


The Globe and Mail
Wednesday, November 5, 1997, Page A5

[S.I.S.I.S. note: The following mainstream news article may contain biased or distorted information and may be missing pertinent facts and/or context. It is provided for reference only.]

The Assembly of First Nations is finally getting a meeting with Prime Minister Jean Chretien after years of unsuccessful attempts. National chief Phil Fontaine is scheduled to meet with Mr. Chretien today for an informal discussion, said Jennifer Lang, a spokeswoman in the Prime Minister's Office. The meeting is a sign of the thawing of frosty relations between the federal government and the assembly.

Letters to the Globe and Mail:

[S.I.S.I.S. note: Mr. Fontaine is a former employee of the federal Department of Indian Affairs. Mr. Chretien was the Minister of Indian Affairs at the time.]

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