Bruce Clark: Lawyer in Conflict of Interest


                                       By fax and mail
                                       September 13, 1995
Nancy Sandy
Barrister and Solicitor
Nenqay Deni Yajelhkig Law Center
17 South First Avenue
Williams Lake, British Columbia
V2G 1H5

Dear Ms Sandy:

I act as legal counsel pro bono for the occupants of the Indian encampment under siege at Gustafsen Lake British Columbia. The police illegally have denied my clients and I access to each other. I am informed that, instead, the police have been steering my clients to you in lieu of me, and that you have been accepting the work.

My clients' legal position is as disclosed in their accompanying demand dated 25 August 1995. As a member of the bar of British Columbia you are in a profound conflict of interest in relation to that legal position. The conflict deepens to the extent that you are on retainer with the Indian Act band council system whose interest under domestic legislation conflicts with the traditionalists' interest under constitutional legislation.

Anything that you say or do that directly or indirectly results in my clients or any of them being duped, whether in hope of favour or fear of prejudice or otherwise, into attorning in any way to the usurpation of jurisdiction by the police and domestic court system aids and abets the crimes of "Misprision of Treason", "Fraud" and "Complicity in Genocide," as well as breaches the most fundamental ethical principles of the legal profession.

Bruce Clark



Law Society of British Columbia. fax 604-669-5232
RCMP 100 Mile House. fax 604-395-3605
Attorney General of British Columbia. fax 604-387-6411
RCMP Commissioner. fax 613-993-0260

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