Letter from Harvey Whitehawk supporting Bruce Clark


Re: Support for Bruce Clark

From the Western Door

March 19, 1997

To the Passamaquoddy Nation

I am Harvey Whitehawk, Thunderbird is my Indian name. My lineage draws me down to the Adowa of the Algonquin Nation, although I was born in Saskatchewan. My responsibility now is as a Messenger from the World Council Fire, Cross Village Michigan.

The duties of the Messenger in regards to the prophecies of the past and the future lead me to believe that the future of our People (the Redmen) is as an arrow in a critical situation: our right to exist on the soil of Turtle Island is being questioned by the newcomer governments.

My brother Bruce Clark is very instrumental in voicing the wisdom of the Redmen in regards to the first law of the land that we had in place prior to the newcomers' arrival. That is, to my belief to this point in time of the Redmen's history, that we are coming to a close, an end, of this era, and embarking on a new beginning known as the Fifth World Illumination.

It is common knowledge that the civilized world is not aware of the approach of this time (people fell asleep). Through the visions and the prophecy, the Redmen's duty in enhancing their covenants and the Great Law of Peace is to bring that light into a reality.

Remaining connected with the peaceful movement of our people as we bring enlightenment of the truth to the world is a critical part of the path. The Truth will come forward from the West to the East and, according to the prophecies, the Light will come from the East. We are now in the process of preparing ourselves for that time.

For the last week and a half, my brother Bruce has testified at the trial of his clients and my brothers, the Gustafsen Lake defenders. His testimony is bringing our point of law (first law) forward for the record. All levels of newcomer governments and their courts are doing everything in their power to break the man, our voice, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically because they cannot break our law. He is testifying wearing the red suit of a prisoner because he refused to abandon our right to bring forward our law and was imprisoned for that stand, like so many of our brothers in the past. I've made myself available to the proceedings of the court. It is clearly evident that the courts are doing everything within their power to suppress the truth. Therefore making brother Bruce a target to quash the truth he presents means that they are not allowing the Redmen to exist on the soil of Turtle Island. We must at all costs remain connected to the soil and uphold the Great Law of Peace.

On March 17th and 18th, 1997, I attended court and heard brother Bruce's testimony on those days. He begins speaking in the morning and picks up the exact thread of the truth he is telling even after breaks and interruptions intended to distract his path. The jury is listening and learning. His testimony regards our defence, the defence of all Redmen, and what the Redmen are doing sets a precedent for the rest of the world to follow. His testimony reflects and explains our invitation to everyone to come into alliance with the Great Law of Peace, as well as alliance with the universe.

From my understanding of the judge's point of view, he continues to harass brother Bruce as he makes these points of law for the record. I sense great fear has come over the newcomers, and Bruce has become the target of that fear. Bruce is a very patient man. We see how ridiculous that judge is in performing his duty by trying to disallow Bruce bringing forth our points of law for the record, which is all we need do at this point in time. And we see how Bruce remains true to his path of making sure that our law is put on that record so that others may read and understand.

It is imperative that our brother Bruce receive all the support that he can get. Your spiritual support through your prayers and your on-going financial support are critical to make sure that our message and our law is put forward and our issue is kept going. While brother Bruce is in jail, both he and his wife Margaret are still working full time: early in the morning Bruce telephones to her to dictate the letters and court documents that are needed on all of the various fronts for the same message. While he testifies, she goes to a local law office and drafts the documents and collates the materials needed, and then every evening she is allowed a "legal" status visit at the jail when Bruce can go over the work of the day and give further directions. If the newcomers have tried to silence the messenger by putting brother Bruce in jail, it hasn't worked.

Although brother Bruce feels all of the pressures against him personally and against his family (the car where Margaret is staying was blown up very early one morning), it would be my point of view that this man is a strong brother in the beliefs of the Redmen as the enhancer of the Medicine Wheel of Life. In reality, in the overall picture, he is in defense of our right to exist. As we open the door for all the peoples, we are offering the choice of coming through the Eastern Door and acknowledging the Great Law of Peace. It is critical that the peoples obtain this knowledge as it was hidden away by the newcomers.

I appreciate your support in regards to my brother Bruce. If all Redmen would ally themselves with this truth (Great Law), speaking the same language and of the same understanding, it is necessary that this is done for all our peoples to survive.

Some of the people who are awake are making a stance on this issue. I have been told that you are one of those people. It is important that we connect ourselves to one another as a call of true unity and equality, and life for eternity. The new world order must be brought to its knees and come back to the time of the Great Law of Peace and the unconditional surrender that they had once agreed to and the Redmen, both male and female, witnessed by putting their mark on that surrender to the Great Law of Peace.

It is my understanding that pockets of Redmen throughout the land are gearing up to make the same stance. As I cross the land going to the council fires, I know the spirit of alignment is taking hold. It is crucial that the alignment takes place on a spiritual level. That alignment will generate a spirit of good will to the remaining races of the world who will be invited into the circle.

Each council (tribe) holds a piece of the greater picture. In order for the peoples to see the greater picture, these pieces have to come into alignment. We would welcome your voice to visit a gathering which is being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Peoples from all four directions will be gathering at that place August 25th. For more information get in contact with Eddie Benton of the Three Fires Society. If you wish to contact me personally, I can be reached for now through 604-543-9661.

My personal references, please contact them for confirmation, are:

Eddie Benton, Three Council Fires, at 715-634-2545
Les Jewel, Headman, World Council Fire, at 810-778-1680
Roland Petosky, Elder, World Council Fire, at 616-537-4556.
Jonathan Rhinehart at 517-699-4637 (home) or 517-887-1700 (work) has a copy of the video tape made shortly after the Sundance at Gustafsen Lake and immediately before the newcomer government's police siege of the 18 defenders within the camp(mounting the largest ground force by Canada since the Korean war, using UN tanks and internationally prohibited dumdum bullets shot at head height (the police have since clear-cut the trees in the encampment which wore the proof of their intention to kill our brothers).

"Bros. & sisters"

"Harvey Whitehawk"

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