Aug 4/97: Gustafsen Lake-Letter to Editor


Edmonton Sun
August 4, 1997

Dear Editor:

CTV nightly news used only 46 seconds to cover the end of the Gustafsen Lake trial on Wednesday July 24. CBC national news spent 37 seconds.

Allowing less than a minute on national television prime time news for the longest trial in Canadian history suggests it is a subject the public isn't supposed to know about.

Thank God there are transcripts of the trial and videotape surveillance of the standoff, from beginning to end, that can be used in a public inquiry into the assault at the Gustafsen Lake sundance ceremony.

This was not a fair trial. By disallowing the key defence arguments of the accused, the judge set them up to be found guilty.

A full public inquiry is needed now to get at the truth.

Why should anyone have to spend time in prison when evidence exists that will clear them of their alledged crimes? [...perhaps because this evidence indicts the real criminals in the political and legal establishments of BC and Canada. - S.I.S.I.S.]


J. Hamer

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