Dec 20 SISIS release - RCMP "smear & disinformation" campaign revealed


- posted by Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty

For immediate release - Friday, December 20, 1996

Jurors were visibly shocked at the ongoing Gustafsen Lake trial when defense lawyer George Wool played a portion of RCMP training videos made during the Gustafsen Lake standoff in the Summer of 1995.

The tape presented records a meeting of the RCMP 'management team' held in the 100 Mile House detachment board room in early September.

Principal police negotiator Dennis Ryan is clearly heard asking the team for names of people and parties "that can help us with a smear and disinformation campaign."

In response, one of the members relates a conversation with a representative of a national aboriginal organization who seems to be "willing to assist us."

The RCMP's chief media liasion for British Columbia, Sgt. Peter Montague, is heard to state that "swear campaigns are a specialty of mine."

Prior to the video being shown, RCMP negotiator Sean Wylie denied repeatedly any knowledge of a smear and disinformation campaign. After the video was played, he admitted knowledge of a planned release of criminal records of some camp occupants to the media.

Officer Wylie also spoke of "political pressure" on the RCMP. Disclosures of high-ranking RCMP indicate repeated meetings and conversations with NDP Deputy Attorney-General Stephen Owen, Assistant Deputy Minister Maureen Maloney, and the Attorney General's assistant Ernie Quandt to make sure "the political people are in line."

This clear and plain indication of conspiracy on the part of senior RCMP and the province of B.C.'s NDP government only reinforces the continuing demand for a public inquiry into the Gustafsen Lake standoff.

Wolverine -- the 64 year old Shuswap traditionalist -- remains in jail. Bail was once more refused by Judge Josephson on Wednesday, despite these dramatic revelations.

The strategy now must be to push for a full and comprehensive public inquiry into the Gustafsen Lake crisis and the unfolding conspiracy of prominent high-level government and police officials. We feel that, at this point, Gordon Wilson is the best hope for bringing about an inquiry, as he is an independent MLA who is not directly connected with the N.D.P. Please direct your inquiry demands to:

Gordon Wilson
Member of the Legislative Assembly of B.C.
Progressive Democratic Alliance
Phone: (250) 356-8170
Please send us a copy of any email message. We will be collecting them and delivering them en masse to the N.D.P.

In support of the Ts'peten Defenders and all sovereigntists defending indigenous lands and peoples,

PO Box 8673
Victoria, BC
Canada V8X 3S2

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