Vigil for Ts'Peten (Gustafsen Lake) Defenders

S.I.S.I.S. Bulletin


June 8, 1997

This is an invitation for people of all nations to assemble on the lawn of the Pretrial Centre in Surrey, 'BC' for an all-night vigil protesting the criminalisation of the Ts'peten defenders and the incarceration of the Wolverine and James 'OJ' Pitawanakwat. On Friday, June 6th hundreds of people gathered at the courthouse in support of the defenders, who are standing on international and constitutional laws regarding jurisdiction and Shuswap sovereignty. This time we want thousands!

Come to the vigil on MONDAY NIGHT, JUNE 9th at 9pm...we are going to camp out, drum, sing, write letters and distribute information until the next morning when court resumes. All are welcome...

Supporters in other areas and internationally are urged to keep the letters of protest and solidarity coming, and to utilise this time before sentencing to put more pressure on the judiciary and politicians, demanding a public inquiry and a third party tribunal. Sample letters are available on the SISIS website at

Surrey Pretrial Centre and the Surrey Provincial Courthouse are both in the Surrey Municipal Centre complex; the vigil will be held on the lawn of the Pretrial...look for the banners and infotables and listen for the drumming!

Monday night, June 9th
and Tuesday, June 10th
at 10:00 a.m. (arrive early if you want a seat!)
Surrey Municipal Centre
King George and Highway 10

Car pool: If you have a car or need a ride, call: 251-3048

Skytrain: to Surrey Central, then catch the White Rock Centre 321 bus to the corner of King George and Highway 10, walk east.

Driving: Follow Clark Drive south to Hwy 91, go east on Hwy 91 across the Alex Fraser bridge (Surrey/Delta) then east on Hwy 10 to Surrey Municipal Centre just past King George Hwy.

Contact: Free the Wolverine Campaign
Bill Lightbown - Phone: (604) 251-4949
Splitting the Sky - Phone/Fax: (604) 543-9661

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