Mar 27/97: Ts'peten trial: Wolverine denied proper legal response

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March 27, 1997

Constitutional "experts" are being summoned to Regina v Pena et al, the continuing trial of Shuswap traditionalists and supporters in BC's "anti- terrorist" courtroom in Surrey.

S.I.S.I.S. was advised that two constitutional experts, one from the federal Department of Justice, and one from the federal Attorney General's Office will appear "on one of the next three Fridays" to argue the constitutional case for the crown.

This is apparently in response to the devastating testimony of imprisoned native rights lawyer Dr. Bruce Clark. Clark has painstakingly led the jury through the "fraud, treason and genocide" of federal-provincial chicanery concerning indigenous sovereignty rights. Clark has also outlined judicial complicity in this criminal agenda. This includes the presiding Judge Bruce Josephson and BC's Chief Justice Allan McEachern.

However, in a shocking display of judicial arrogance, Josephson will not permit Dr. Clark to make argument. When the Shuswap elder Wolverine protested his inability to make the arguments unaided by his counsel of choice Bruce Clark, Supreme Court Justice Bruce Josephson told him he would only permit the elder to refer to Clark's notes.

The continuing atrocious manipulations of due process, and an ongoing "dirty tricks" campaign, including what appears to be pressure applied to some defendants to "turn" against the sovereignty position, have created a mockery of justice. In addition, an unofficial gag-order is in effect. There continues to be no mainstream coverage of these judicial outrages.

Please support elder Ignace's right to representation by counsel of choice and urge domestic and international intervention and condemnation of the continuing attempts by BC and Canadian authorities to subvert the decolonization and self-determination of Indigenous nations.

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