Nov 10/96: Gustafsen Lake-Bail hearing for Wolverine


Steve Kisby
Sunday, November 10, 1996

This Wednesday there will be a hearing at the B.C. Court of Appeal into the holding of Jones William Ignace (Wolverine). He is one of the Ts'peten Defenders who stood fast in their defence of unceded native land near Gustafsen Lake in Shuswap Territory and is the only person currently in jail in connection to that siege. The defence will be making a "Habeas Corpus" application for Mr. Ignace's release as the Crown had dropped all trespassing charges and the Crown, to date, has offered no evidence of illegal wrong-doing on the part of Mr. Ignace or the other defendants. A panel of three Judges will hear the arguments.

That Mr. Ignace remains in jail is a travesty of justice and a demonstration of continued criminalization of Indigenous peoples by the Canadian government and it's legal system.

We urge you to come to this hearing and bear witness:

B.C. Court of Appeal
800 Smith Street
Vancouver, B.C.

When: 10 a.m. this Wednesday
November 13, 1996

Ask for the room where "R. v. William Ignace" will be held.

For more information, please contact:
The Ts'peten Defence Committee,
phone: (604) 572-8154

Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (SISIS)
P.O. Box 8673, Victoria, B.C., Canada V8X 3S2

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