Aug 25/95: Gustafsen Lake-Impending invasion announced


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
August 25, 1995

The world is watching the brutal racist reality of Canadian colonialism as the RCMP yesterday rejected Shuswap Sundance Defenders' terms for a peaceful resolution of the Gustafsen Lake rebellion in support of indigenous sovereignty and land rights.

Canadian Press misstated the peace terms outlined in the Defenders' press release of August 24 as "police reject rebels' offer to give up".

Vancouver RCMP spokesperson Peter Montague peremptorily dismissed the offer with the statement that surrender must be "swift, decisive and unconditional." The natives' due process right to the Queen's Privy Council as an independent and impartial court of original jurisdiction was denied.

"People at the level of the Governor General and the Privy Council do not involve themselves with a gang of thugs," said Montague.

Indigenous and popular resistance elements continued to swell the ranks of Defenders as a major constitutional crisis emerges. Dr. Bruce Clark presented a petition to the Governor General signed by hereditary and spiritual representatives of the Feast of the Dead (eastern) tradition, the Sundance (central) tradition and the Potlatch (western) tradition.

Helicopters buzzed the camp yesterday and today but left the scene when Defenders directed automatic weapons fire in warning.

The clock runs out on Sunday, after which the invasion will occur. Unconfirmed reports suggest military personnel are checking into motel rooms in 100 Mile House, 35 km west of the liberated zone.

Ovide Mercredi, head of the government-sponsored Assembly of First Nations (AFN), made the outrageous statement that the actions of the traditionals were "deemed illegal by Canadian law" and attacked the "bad legal advice" of constitutional law expert Dr. Bruce Clark. The compelling silver-haired traditionalist warrior "Wolverine" responded that if Mercredi was any kind of leader he would "get his ass on our side".

According to Wolverine, "This country will never be the same either way. For every one of us that goes down ten more will stand up." A young woman defiantly challenged the Canadian Public to stop the 'Waco' execution and total trashing of the rule of law.

The demonization campaign turned vicious as the government's Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, at 12:10 pm WST, presented a forensic psychologist to examine the pathology of the Defenders and their situation.

Ominously, communications between the Defenders and their counsel have now been cut off - a courier carrying legal documents from Dr. Clark was denied entry to the Defenders' camp - further plunging Canada into a constitutional crisis and a blatantly and demonstrably criminal invasion of sovereign unceded sacred Shuswap territory.


Your urgent protests to:
RCMP Public Complaints Commission
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Prime Minister Jean Chretien
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Phone: (613) 992-4211
Fax: (613) 941-6900

Governor General of Canada
His Excellency the Right Honorable Romeo Le Blanc
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