Aug 26/95: Gustafsen Lake-two years ago today


"The allegations of police and government wrong-doings are so serious that there is no question there should be a public inquiry into whether or not the rule of law was respected."
- Canadian Forum: April '97


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty

Two years ago the governments of British Columbia and Canada were mounting the largest paramilitary operation in Canadian history against a small group of Indigenous and non-native resisters occupying sacred, unceded Sundance grounds at Ts'peten (Gustafsen Lake). A massive cover-up has thus far kept the truth from public view. After a corrupt and bizarre kangaroo court process during which they were denied their counsel of choice, an acknowledged expert in international and constitutional law, Defenders are being held as political prisoners. World-wide, supporters have called for their release and a full public inquiry with international supervision. In the interest of furthering this inquiry call - we look back.

AUGUST 26, 1995:



Bruce Clark, LL.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Law)
Barrister & Solicitor


August 26, 1995

Elizabeth II
c/o The Right Honourable Sir Robert Fellowes, KCB, KCVO
Private Secretary to Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London, UK

Your Majesty:

August 24th I asked the Governor General to perform his single most important constitutional duty: to apprehend the crimes in progress by the Canadian Ministers of State, Judges and Police of treason and fraud against the Canadian constitution and genocide against the traditionalist sector of the aboriginal peoples. By replying on the 25th that I should apply to the alleged criminals themselves for relief he has, knowingly, elected to aid and abet the said crimes in progress. The salvation of the Canadian nation from its errant political and juridical leadership is now up to you. This is constitutionally appropriate. Your office relative to this country exists for no higher, more rational, more just or justifiable purpose. Please delay no longer in performing the constitutional duty required of you by my clients' petition dated January 3, 1995. A handful of lives depends upon your immediate response today, more in the years to follow. On behalf of all Canadians I thank you for your unwavering vigilance for and devotion to their constitution.


Bruce Clark


Copies: The Right Honourable the Governor General of Canada Romeo Leblanc
        The Honourable the Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien
        The Right Honourable the Chief Justice of Canada Antionio Lamer
        The Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police P. Murray
        Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant M. P. Sarich


[information in squared brackets is a S.I.S.I.S. addition.]

"Premier [of British Columbia] does not want to be drawn into or bound by anything"

"Prov - concerned about post-event news release - manage"

"Apex - Gov't will not expropriate - a 1036 Order in Council request. New Hazelton - going for injunction. Prov. advised. - end 8:48 AM. - 5 minutes later Quantz [BC Attorney-General's assistant] wants to send list of question for our written response. - told to send by Victoria S/D secure fax. - questions & responses to be sent with request from AG to DND [BC Attorney-General to Department of National Defence]

"CO [Commanding Officer] got Stephen Owen [deputy A-G BC] on speaker phone - Maureen Maloney [ass't deputy A-G] present. Owen - we must emphasize broad public safety issue - Owen encouraged A.G. to emphasize porousness of area if people want to walk in. CO outlined the plan in detail. We will consult with A.G. before we move"

"Mercredi ['Grand Chief', Assembly of First Nations] stated if people give up weapons the police will kill the people. CO - Mercredi only has one mandate - convince the protesters to surrender. Montague [RCMP media liaison] must clearly state this. - tell Montague to stop using word terrorist and use the term criminals."

"Len [Olfert: CO at Gustafsen Lake] - they are moving their perimeter closer. No problems with Armed Forces. - he got a call from a native advising that Mercredi was the worst person to attend as he will hinder the process."

[Notes of RCMP A/Commr. Murray Johnston]

August 26, 1995, 0725 hrs; "Called Insp. Guy for an update. The CO had called him at 2200 hrs last night. He took the letter to the Attorney General, Mr. Dosanjh, and had it signed and was faxed to the Solicitor General at Headquarters along with our Ops Plan at 0130 hrs. our time. He does not have any new information this AM on the Mercredi visit or current situation, when known he will call me"

August 26, 1995, 0805 hrs; "A/Commr. O Emond called stating that the meeting was very positive. The Solicitor General [Herb Gray] is now trying to contact the Defense Minister, if everything goes well we could get approval by the end of the day"

August 26, 1995, 0830 hrs; "[RCMP] Insp. Guy advised Supt Olfert had spoken to Mercredi and he is somewhat optimistic and is going back in today to have further discussions. Olfert gave him no time limit"

August 26th, 1995, 0910 hrs; Called the CO and reviewed the current status at Gustafsen Lake. He wondered it the military would start moving their stuff early. He would call Major General Addy and see what they might do."

August 26th, 1995, 1210 hrs; Received a call from A/Commr. Emond. Approval in principle has been reached on our request. Signature of both members is required. Instructions have been given to the Department of National Defence to go ahead. Emond called me to call Commander Sherber at [blacked out] He wants to talk about the timing element in our Ops plan."

August 26th, 1995, 1340 hrs; "Insp. Guy advised that a reporter had been into the camp and they developed his film, which gives a good layout of the camp surroundings. Mercredi is finishing a press conference, then he is going back in to talk to the militants."

August 26th, 1995, 1720 hrs; "Insp. Guy advised the military use of APCs (Bison Armoured Personnel Carriers) is on hold by the Ministry of Defence. The CO is advised and will call me through Major General Addy and the Acting Commissioner. Mercredi is still in the camp and is attempting to get them to turn over their weapons. If that does not work he will ask those who want to walk out to come out with him. There is some indication that there are some people coming out, but there is no confirmation of that fact."

August 26th, 1995, 1818 hrs; "CO called - he had talked to D/Commr. Beaulac. They cannot find the Defence Minister therefore the signing is stalled. Herb Gray is going to the Prime Minister and apparently he will sign on behalf of the Defence Minister which will put everything on track. Military will start to move their equipment very soon." [NOTE PRIME MINISTERIAL INVOLVEMENT]

August 26th, 1995, 1839 hrs; "The CO advised that someone had called the Attorney General and asked if he signed a request for military equipment for the Gustafsen Lake incident. Apparently this leak occurred in Eastern Canada somewhere."

August 26th, 1995, 1905 hrs; "A/Commr. Emond discussed the press leak on the A/G's request for military. He will follow-up on it and make sure our people do not talk about it at NOC" [National Operations Center?]

August 26th, 1995, 2005 hrs; "Stephen Owen called and I updated him on the events over the past two hours."

August 26th, 1995, 2130 hrs; "Insp. Guy advised Mercredi is out. Militants are in a bad mood. Mercredi will contact Ron Irwin, the federal Aboriginal [then Minister of Indian Affairs] and John Cashore from the Provincial Aboriginal Ministry [John Cashore is the Minister]. Mercredi is going to pursue the political route. Hopefully all political people will speak with the same position. We have to get the Ministers in line to ensure that they have the proper perspective. Mercredi has revealed what his stand is. He will try to buy more time." [NOTE THE REFERENCE TO GETTING ALL MINISTERS IN LINE]

August 26th, 1995, 2140 hrs; "Stephen Owen called and I briefed him on Mercredi feedback. He will advise the Attorney General and the Premier to ensure that politically they are in line." [NOTE GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT; Notes A/Commr Brown File# 95KL -334 95E -6812]

The RCMP has "cut the phone line to the camp so that they can't be further influenced by their lawyer, Bruce Clark, which is a problem"
- Vancouver Sun

S.I.S.I.S. NOTE: The materials contained in this posting are unauthorized, ultra-sensitive and involve the highest levels of the state apparatus of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. The studied silence of mainstream corporate media and other supposed "opposition" and nominal "checks and balances" demonstrates the extent of the system's corruption. Clearly indigenous traditionalists are correct in their contention that domestic remedies are precluded. International pressure and monitoring will be necessary to bring positive change to a deeply entrenched and perfected internal colonization. S.I.S.I.S is deeply appreciative of your continuing attention, vigilance and support.

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