Dec 30/97: Gustafsen Lake-Message from Wolverine


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
Tuesday, December 30, 1997

[S.I.S.I.S. note: A supporter recently visited Wolverine at Matsqui prison. Wolverine expressed a desire to have a message of thanks go out to all his supporters, over the net.]

Wolverine said he is optimistic that his appeal will be heard in the next two or three months, and that with the Delgamuukw case returned for a new trial, and other developments, perhaps the "noose is tightening", and there is hope for change. He wants to reassure his friends that he is not pessimistic as to his chances of success; on the contrary he is quite hopeful of positive developments in the New Year.

He is resisting efforts to make him give up the sovereignty arguments in return for quick parole.

In all this the moral and psychological support of all of you has been invaluable to him, he says.

Please keep writing Shuswap Elder Wolverine. Let him know that people are continuing to fight for his freedom, and that he is not forgotten.

Wolverine (William Jones Ignace)
Political Prisoner
Box 4000 Abbotsford, BC V2S 5X8 Canada
Please also contact OJ Pitawanakwat, who is also being held as a political prisoner for his stand in defense of indigenous sovereignty. James Pitawanakwat (OJ)
Political Prisoner
c/o Mission Institution
P.O. Box 60
Mission, BC V2V 4L8 Canada

For more information on how you can support Wolverine, OJ, and other indigenous political prisoners, see

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