Oct 23/97: Keith Martin on Gustafsen


Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (S.I.S.I.S.)
October 23, 1997

A Member of Parliament in Canada's 'Official Opposition' says that Canada's actions at Gustafsen Lake were "completely justified". Furthermore he characterized the well-documented offensive tactics against the small group of Shuswap traditionalists by the largest paramilitary operation in Canada's history as "a lot of stories" which "were never proven to have taken place".

Dr. Keith Martin, Reform Party member of Parliament for Esquimault-Juan de Fuca, was provided with documentation of the offensive use of Armoured Personnel Carriers against the Ts'peten Sundance Camp in the summer of 1995, as well as of the use of the army's C7 automatic rifles in a massive assault on the 21 member Sundance Camp involving thousands of rounds of ammunition. He was also provided with the Rules of Engagement for the operation written by Canada's General John De Chastelaine, clearly prohibiting the offensive actions of the military.

According to the evidence of high ranking RCMP, it was the Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, who authorized the use of the military upon the request of the BC's NDP Attorney-General and Human Rights Minister Ujjal Dosanjh. A review of army involvement is mandatory under the Defence Act, but has not thus far been complied with by the Canadian authorities.

The Defence Minister at the time, Doug Young, advised Martin that the army's Rules of Engagement for 'Operation Wallaby' had not been violated, in blatant contradiction to the evidence at trial. Martin refused to pursue the matter further, demonstrating that the conspiracy, cover-up, and refusal to investigate the actions of the authorities, including a refusal to convene a public inquiry into the Gustafsen matter, is ongoing and comprehensive. Dr. Keith Martin was a participant in the Canadian Government's recent international initiatives to ban land mines, yet he appears to be unconcerned that Canadian used command mines against Shuswap traditionalists at Gustafsen Lake -- an incident which was captured on the RCMP's own video-tape and broadcast on cable television.

The complete text of Martin's letter to CFUV Radio's John Shafer follows:

Dr. Keith Martin, M.D., M.P Esquimalt - Juan de Fuca
Rm. 676 Confederation Building.
House of Commons,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA6
Office: (613) 996-2625 Fax (613) 996-9779
Email martik@parl.gc.ca

October 17, 1997

Mr. John Shafer
c/o CFUV-FM Radio Box 3035,
University of Victoria Victoria, BC. V8W 3P3

Dear Mr. Shafer:

Thank you for your email concerning Gustafsen Lake. From what I have seen, the interventions that took place by the government were completely justified. There were a lot of stories about the use of land mines and other activities that were alleged, but were never proven to have taken place. It would appear the military did what they had to do get this most difficult situation under control.

I spoke to my Executive Assistant on this matter, and he has pursued your concerns. As well I have written to the Minister of Defence, asking for information on the situation.

I would suggest, Mr. Shafer, that since you still have concerns over Gustafsen Lake, that you continue to write directly to the Minister of Defence, Art Eggleton, for the answers you require.


Keith Martin, M.P. Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca


Keith Martin, M.P.
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Fax: (613) 996-9779
Email: martik@parl.gc.ca

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien
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